Grips may be too small

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Hi All,

I purchased my daughter's very first pair of grips. She put them on and the finger hole sizes are a bit small...great get the sandpaper out and make them bigger. My question is when she puts them on it is like her hand doesn't open all the this supposed to happen? I have read that they do stretch but how much? I remeasured he hand and the size two is the correct size. Please help.

Thanks for all your help in advance!:confused:

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
They should stretch out some as she wears them to break them in. Actually if you look at girls with grips on most tend to curl their fingers somewhat. If you're in doubt about being too small, have her show her coach. I've heard of using sandpaper to make the finger holes bigger(not unusual at all)---my gymmie has just never needed to have that done.


I understand that is right - they shouldn't be able to lay their hand completely flat. Something to do with the grip.


Jun 24, 2008
If your hands are perfectly straight with grips on, then the grips are definitely too big. I've been using my grips for about a year, and I can only get my hand to about 3/4 (which I think is recommended).


I think they don't open all the way and they will stretch alot once they are broken in.

The best thing to do is Ask the coach. They know for sure. Our gym measured the girls told us what size and gave us the link to the grips they prefer. We had a few choices but all were velcro style. This year coach told my DD she could get the buckle ones. not sure if there is a difference but her old grips are only a year old and still in good conditions and at $50 + a pop we can wait until these ones show some signs of being too small or in bad shape.
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