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Hey, I was just wondering if old grips can cause problems. I think my grips are about 12 years old. I just haven't wanted to spend the money on new ones but I'm thinking about it. They fall off my fingers and they've stretched out so much that they kind of curl up in my palm somewhat. I wasn't really concerned but I've been working on free hips and I've been getting bruises and now a huge painful lump on my palm near my thumb but I think right underneath the edge of where my grip would be. I'm not sure if the grips could be contributing to it or if its just because I'm not regripping the bar like I should. If anyone has any idea I'd appreciate the advice. Also if I get new grips what brand do you suggest is the best? I should probably get new ones anyway.
Feb 3, 2009
You need to buy new grips! Stretched out grips are dangerous! They can lump up and cause your rotation to stop completely which could result in wrist fractures! Always buy new grips once they have stretched out. Plus, they could also rip and cause a major fall. I heard of a male gymnast in college in CT that was working high bar doing Giants and his old grips malfunctioned and he broke both wrists. The coach had to have help unwinding him from the high bar. Scary stuff. Be safe. Get new grips!


Aug 3, 2008
I agree get new grips now!!! As for what brand it really depends on what you prefer. I have both Riesport and US Glove. My Riesports were starting to stretch just a little when I got my US Gloves, but I wasn't in the gym enough after I got them to properly break in the US Gloves until I went back this summer... for a long time I just kept using my Riesports, loved them, couldn't stand the US Gloves. Then I started to break in the US Gloves and now I'll never go back to my still only barely stretched Riesports unless I have to! The US Gloves are a thicker leather, so they take longer to break in and you don't really feel the bar quite as well. The Riesports, being thinner, break in real fast. They also are more likely, though, to stretch out faster requiring replacement. It all depends on which you would prefer. Not sure about other brands.

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