For Parents Guess What:) Emily got her back walkover on beam... Solid as a Rock

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
I didn't want to brag thursday because I actually missed it. Of course....
I leave that night instead of watch and she gets it. However, lots of moms and her team mates were like yes she got it... I saw it.
Turns out she did over 183 of them at practice.
WEll I had scheduled a private after last Sunday's HOme meet for her back walkover since we only have one more meet before our State meet and this is our away meet and they have a rule that they can't compete the away meet unless they compete all four events. So Emily was down to the wire and never mind she had like 600 back walkovers to their weekly testing on top of that.
Well we decided to go to our private today even though she got the skill last Thursday so we can get some extra one on one coaching and welll tonight I got to see her beautiful back walkover on beam with also about 5 routines:) The head coach let her count every stuck back walkover as 5 back walkovers and tonight not only did we do it with full routines with optionals and other coaches watching... We also rotated to 4 other beams to make sure we have it good and down and lots of muscle memory created. She caught up on all her owed back walkovers count for a total of 580. Now she can bank back walkovers in practice for her Thursday test night if she falls or wobbles.
Best news... Emily is all cleared to compete beam at this Sunday's Meet at Capital City in Lincoln. This is a big thing for the girls because they all stay overnight at a hotel on Sat and get to go bowling or to a movie and we don't get to see them until warmups on Sunday. They do their hair and everything.
She is so excited about that plus this is our last meet to qualify for State:)
even if she scored exactly what she scored last meet she would only need a 4.775 on beam to qualify for state:)
Her routine is beautiful so I know she will score better than that:) I can't wait to show you all Emily's first full Level 6 meet competing all events.
Feb 26, 2007
NOw that is big and exciting news, Emily must be feeling so proud of herself. Lovely that she can compete all AA next weekend. Good luck to your girls.


Great news!!! 183 is A LOT!! I hope that she rests her back some this week, I know that my dd would be really complaining about lower back issues if she did that many at one practice. Good luck this weekend!!!


Sounds like she's got that BWO nailed down! Good luck at the meet. She'll blow that qualifying score out of the park! I love the idea of banking your skills!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
So proud of her for overcoming that BWO fear! She is going to do beautiful on beam I just know it. That is a LOT of back walkovers though. Ouch.

Hope she has a blast at that meet. I know she will more than qualify to States!!!


Woo-hoo!! congrats to her. Glad she doesn't have to miss the fun meet.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
That is wonderful news !! I bet she is on cloud 9, sheust be so happy. Can't wait to see the video and good luck at the meet, I just know she will qualify for States and ROCK there too !!


That's awesome news! I hope she does well at the meet this weekend. 183 BWO in one night?? That sounds like too many to me. But, as long as she's not complaining I guess it's okay! Thanks for sharing! :)
Sep 9, 2008
That is such good news! Yay for Emily! Can't wait to see the videos! What a fun meet. The coaches chaparone them all? Ha! What a scream! Sounds like she is in for a super fun weekend and an awesome meet! Lots of good luck wishes heading your way!
Sep 8, 2007
Yeah Emily !!!! Great job on bw on beam !The meet sounds like a very fun meet for the girls!I am sooo happy she gets to compete on beam!!!!
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