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Aug 3, 2008
I'm Katy, I'm 25 and I just plain love gymnastics. Right now I just started an adult class, which has me back in the gym after many years out of it. I really was never very good, because as a kid I took years off to dance (was only allowed to do one or the other) so in highschool I was working on level 5 (back in the late 90s)

I'm a huge dork, and I used to be very involved in Virtual Gymnastics during its hay day.

Right now I'm just out of grad school looking to start my career in counseling, but eventually I plan to own a gymnastics center and a tanning salon.

edit- almost forgot to add that I am also a swing dancer! That is what I busied myself for the past 4 of the years I was out of gymnastics. I started with Lindy Hop, then West Coast Swing, and then started to do some Blues dancing. I compete in West Coast Swing but don't do very well yet, I also compete in Lindy where I've had a little more success but WCS and Blues are where my heart is, dance wise!

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thanks for the welcomes! I was realllllly excited to find a gym with an adult class. I only wish it was more often, and a little bit more structured but that's sorta hard with everyone different ages, skill levels, even genders! I'm going to start bringing in drills and conditioning exercises to share with everyone appropriate to what they're working on.

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