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Alison Callaway

Gym Director
Austin, TX (Central Austin - GREAT location)

Our 22 year old company has expanded to multiple locations and I need someone with experience to lead our original location. I am looking for someone with a good track record who is reliable, responsible, organized, a forward planner, a natural motivator, and loves coaching gymnastics!! I need someone in this role who is able to take charge and ensure the program is always on the right track, is able to work without direct supervision, and has no trouble setting goals and developing your own to do lists in order to reach those goals (enrollments, performances, student skills, etc.). I run multiple locations and am not often on site, so having someone reliable and organized in this role who stays in good communication with me is key! Our company uses Google Apps for Work and all employees receive a company account upon hire.

We are a top rated program in Austin for non-competitive gymnastics, and many many athletes remain in our program from preschool to middle school as they progress through the levels of our rewarding show team program. We pride ourselves in the fact that we truly value all of the families at ChampionsTX and make an effort to get to know them, exhibit great customer service in the office, and keep parents and athletes updated on the progress of their skill progressions. Our program works with recreational classes from mom and tot to elementary gymnastics, tumbling classes, cheer prep classes, boys classes, and exhibition gymnastics show teams. We also do huge, amazing camps, as well as popular birthday parties and Fun Friday's. Our other locations are much bigger and have competitive options as well as more programs, including a preschool, competitive cheer, TNT, Acro, etc. This role is at our original tiny but mighty gym in the heart of Austin, the location is part of a private youth center called West Austin Youth Association.

We are looking for someone to start immediately.
Pays $30,000-$45,000 depending on experience.
Must have experience in a gymnastics program, managing staff, coaching, and pass a background check. This is a full time full year role :)

We are also looking for coaches, both part time and full time, to fill our growing needs!

To apply to join our team, please email [email protected] with your background, experience, availability, and why you think you'd be a great fit for the role!
I look forward to hearing from you!!
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