WAG Gym Hair HELP!!!

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May 3, 2022
Okay, so, I started doing my own hair for training when I was 10, and meets when I was 12, but after so many years of practice and so many techniques I have tried, I can never make it stay in. The past two meets, it's been okay, but training? Always comes out. So, gymnasts, gym parents, any one with any experience on making gym buns stay in, please give me your secrets. Also, my gym says we must wear buns, so as much as I would love to wear a neat, nice ponytail or plait, that is impossible for me. My younger sister's always looks perfect, and stay in. I don't know how she does it, (she's 16 and only 4/6

I usually do it like I’m doing a ponytail.. and when it comes to the last wrap around, only pull through half of the hair. This is like an easier and quicker way to do a bun. I suggest do it with a normal hair tie first, and then add a scrunched for more stability. If you want to do the traditional one, it might help to use bobby pins if you aren’t already. Hope this helped. Cheers


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Dec 4, 2015
One trick we learned for long, heavy hair is to first secure the upper section of hair where you want the bun to end up, like a half-up/half-down hair do. Then, pull the rest of the hair up with another ponytail. The first/top ponytail acts as an anchor and prevents the whole thing from slipping down.

Also, a hairnet over the bun was a game changer.
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Proud Parent
May 4, 2022
Buy a mascara or eyebrow brush (spoolie) rather than a toothbrush to touch up baby hairs that might escape just so someone doesn't confuse it on you! A little hairspray on it will smooth down flyaways. Also, if you have trouble with escaping hair at the temples, by DD always does a french braid along her forehead to capture those then puts that into a ponytail if that would be an option. I know some gyms specify hairstyles.
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