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Sep 4, 2008
Dallas, TX
Jordan (been out for appendix) went back to the gym last week... so on Saturday after practice the head coach says they are moving to a gym about 15 more minutes away... ugh....and to be at workout Monday there. So we skip school to make the first big day with all the gymmies ( I felt it was better to experience it new with everyone else instead of alone after everyone else) Well the next morning we find out our Bars/Beam coach went back to our old gym....ugh!!!! A couple of the gymmies stayed even though there is no floor/ beam coach. First let me say our head coach is one of the better coaches in the area....and is well known in the gymnastic world. I am so sad and want to make the right decision for Jordan....I am we try out other gyms closer to our home or go with the Head coach (who is her beam and floor coach) or do we go back to old gym with Bar/vault coach who we love. A few of our girls went to a well known gym. Seems like the whole team is falling is soooo sad.. I think that if she wants to be elite she needs to stay with head coach....a 10 yr old can not make that decision....What would you guys do?
This seems like this is the perfect time to see what else is out there. I suspect you are in the North Dallas area and know that there are many good options out there--not just that "well known" gym you refer to. No gym is perfect, but don't make a snap decision without checking out what else is there.

While a 10 year old can give you her opinion, I think that it ultimately must be your choice. You have the life experience to make these big decisions. Children often choose what is familiar and comfortable. As adults we know that they will sometimes need to step out of their comfort zone in order to achieve big things.

If I've put two and two together correctly, I know that there are quite a few of your previous and new gym's girls assessing their options out there (we've seen quite a few in our gym this week).

Feel free to PM me if you'd like.
What a huge shocker for Jordan and your family. I certainly would take some time and look around, the timing is good as she has no meets and she can take advantage of some other gyms for now.

YOu seem to be in an area with lots of choices, find a club with great optionals, lots of happy gymnasts, decent hours and a noticible absence of tpae, supports and braces!

Good lukc this must be very trying for you. But Jordan is very talented and I am sure you will find the right place for her, even it it ends up being right where you are now.
Ahhh the rotating coach syndrome! Unfortunatly this is a common issue.

A 10 yo can't make the decision but they certainly do have an opinion on the issues around them. I would ask DD what she thinks and let her know what you think. If you make a decision she hates the thought of it won't matter what gym she is at - she will hate what she is doing. Is being an "elite" your DD's goal? Can she still make that goal with another coach?

With the team members looking at other gyms and teams it is a perfect time to look around and see what other options are out there. Make a decision on what you think would make DD the happiest. Are you still happy with the program that is left at the old gym? if you are then I think you have your answer if not then start looking around. I don't follow coaches when they leave. I like the gym we are at, I like their philosophy, I like the owners. The kids adapt to a new coach very quickly so if you stay or choose another gym your DD will be ok. I would choose a gym that fits your schedule and if you want a closer gym then look closer.
I have no advice, just wanted to offer up some hugs and send some positive vibes that you will make the right decision for your daughter. I would check out the other gyms while possibly giving the current gym a chance to get things reorganized. Tough when you like both coaches, the one that left and the one that stayed. Good luck in finding the right place for Jordan.
:( Ugh! So sorry you are going thru this!

Jordan does school AND gymnastics, right? B/C I know that some of the 'biggie' gyms in this area want the L6 & up girls to come twice a day, and they kind of press the home-schooling issue. If you want to do that (home-school), then you would have more options, in terms of the distance of the gym.

If she wants to go elite, I think in this area, she will eventually have to home-school, in order to train at a gym that has an elite track (I could be wrong though, you know this area way better than I do). I do not know this HC of yours, maybe he/she does elite track and does not require kids to home-school.

Your daughter is a beautiful gymnast. I hope you can find a happy environment for her, where she can train to the best of her ability and level of desire, whatever that may be.

I know the artistic HC at our brand new gym here is awesome, and it's a small team right now, that looks like they may really burst onto the scence, now that this HC has the good home-gym fit she has been looking for. But I think we are too far for you guys. I don't know what's near you, but I would not necessarily go to that 'big' one! It's maybe kind of a zoo there right now, after the Olympic yr., and everyone wanting their kid to go there. Are you too far for Tx Dreams? They like the home-school thing, tho....

You are in my thoughts, best of luck, & keep us posted. :eek:
So sorry to read about this mess at your gym. Did anyone have an idea that the HC was leaving before the practice when he told girls to show up at another gym for practice? Honestly just dropping a bomb like that on kids and families is not all that professional IMO.

So, current gym has 2 coaches leave, but one comes back. That seems VERY strange. Have you asked the current gym what their plans are regarding hiring coaches and how many girls have stayed?

If you follow the HC, then it means completely changing gyms and are you guaranteed dd will get alot of time with him at the new gym? Also there is all the transistion for the girls and parents to an established program. Will HC be HC at the new gym, how will the girls be treated etc.

I can see why eveyone feels confused and lost. I agree it may be time to look around at other options and also see what both gyms are doing about their "new" coaching situations.
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