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Jan 8, 2006
Ahwahnee, CA
I want to make up a little journal for my preschool and rec kids. So they can put their after class sticker in it and also get stickers for skills and good behaviour etc... Does anyone else use something like this? I'd really like to see someone elses so I could get an idea of how to lay it out. I saw one somewhere, once upon a time and don't remember where I saw it.
Mar 26, 2008
We do something like this for our most advanced group of pre-schoolers. We essentially made a chart with a list of skills we hoped they would get during the year, and then made an effort to focus on just one or two of those skills every practice so they would get the skills relatively quickly and feel like they were progressing. We had about fifteen goal skills; they're just pre-schoolers, so the skills were pretty basic (a couple of things we had were pivot turn on high beam, straight jump on high beam, tight handstand on floor, arm circle hurdle straight jump from a spring board to an 8", etc). At the end of each event if they got a new skill (and it had to be performed well and tightly), the coach would point to the corresponding place on the chart and the kid would place a sticker there (get fun stickers; we had smiley faces and flowers for them to choose from). This group wasn't like most pre-school classes (because they were the advanced group, they signed up for 8 months of gymnastics instead of 7-week sessions), but I'm sure you could adapt it for less time too. It worked pretty well, and the kids loved putting the stickers on.
Not open for further replies.