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My daughter's coach recently offered her an opportunity to advance at a quicker pace by competing Prep Opt rather than Level 4. She is having her floor and beam routine choreographed this weekend, and we are very excited for this opportunity. This is the first time her gym has had a Prep Opt program, so this is all new. I would be interested in hearing any experiences that others may have had in Prep Opt.


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Hi and welcome to CB.
My DD's team competes both USAG and PrepOp. We do USAG in the fall and PrepOp in the spring. The kids really enjoy it because it is different. Most of our girls who are the same level will use the same music and pretty much the same routines (tweaked a little here and there for each girl) just because there is not a lot of time between seasons to learn a bunch of new routines.
I don't know about it being faster, but quite a few gyms use this option. If you are in Region 8 like we are they also added a level this year. If your DD will do this instead of L4 she will likely do Rookie2 (again, depends if you are also in R8). After that would be Novice, Premier and then Prep1.

Not sure if that helps, but again, welcome to CB !
Mar 10, 2008
Our daughter competes in compulsary meets starting in about 2 weeks until the first prep-op meet which is the Flip Fest meet in January. We are also in TN region 8. Don't know about advancing quicker, but it gives the opportunity to do your own thing. I think last year we had 6 compulsary meets and 4 prep-op meets. Just wondering- is your gym going to compete prep-op only?

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Feb 19, 2007
She can easily do Prep op. instead of L4 since L4 is not required for USAG. After her Prep Op. season, she can then compete USAG L5 if she so desires! Although after having her own routines, it may be hard to go to L5 and do the same required routines everyone else is doing!!!


No, we also have compulsory level 4 and optional levels 7 and 8.
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