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Aug 10, 2014
Ok my dd is a level 3 gymnast she is brand new to competition last year she competed xcel bronzeWe had a whole gym shakeup and staff left and my daughters xcel bronze coach is actually a cheerleader and coaches at a local high school plus she started a team at our gym! The new gym is. 45 min commute one way she strictly believes in conditioning where we were taking a crossfit class on our own for conditioning! My daughter previously scratched her bar routine because she was struggling with the pull-up pullover we took a tour of the new gym and the coached help her get it first time meeting her(she had her hang on and said toes to nose) she did not get it from chin hold position! All her other skills are where they need to be! How do you know when it's time to switch? I love the head coach/competitive director at old gym but she doesn't teach my dd!
I agree with Bookworm. If you are asking a board of strangers about how to know when it's time to switch, then it's already past time. This is an expensive sport.......if you feel that the current coach is not teaching your dd, then it's time to go. Doesn't matter how much you "like" the coach, if she's not capable of doing the job that she's hired for then it's time to move on. Just my opinion
I was going to post a similar thread (about whether to consider a gym switch). From a relatively new gym mom perspective, which I also am, I think that my own dd's gym situation is not optimal for her, which is why I'm pondering the gym switch, but it's also not horrible for her. In our situation, there are several smaller things that I don't like about her gym, but there isn't one huge deal-breaker thing. I don't know whether there is a better fit gym situation for her out there or not, and I don't know whether some of the things I don't think are optimal for her may just be how gymnastics everywhere typically is, which is the impression I've gotten on some other threads.

I also think it's hard when switching from a known (current gym) to an unknown (new gym) to anticipate what are the negatives there might be with the unknown, and for inexperienced gym parents, they might be things that you wouldn't even consider to ask about or find out about before the switch.

OP, it sounds like you're a little further along in the process than I am, though, because you've taken your dd for a trial at another gym, and you were impressed. 45 min is on the long side for a commute to gym and I would carefully consider how that would impact your family. DD's current gym can be 45 min-1 hour away, depending on traffic (only about 20-25 min away without traffic) and when it takes 45 min or more, I'm not happy about it.
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