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hi everyone! my daughter has been involved with gymnastics for a few years - her and i did a mommy and me class then she started an intro program - from there she started a champions program which consisted of levels 1,2 and 3 - now she is a level 4 - she just started the level 4 program and wont compete until november this year - sometimes i feel as if i have no idea whats going on - so in my search for gymnastics knowledge i found this website - im looking forward to getting to know my way around. ;)
Welcome! We're 2 years into the sport and also learning as we go! My daughter's competing level five in the provincial stream. (canada!)

Hope to hear more about your little one.

Hi - welcome.

my 7yr old daughter has been in gymnastics for almost 2yrs. She is currently L3, likely moving to L4 in May.
welcome! this is a great website. make sure you come over to the parents forum!

my DD is will be moving to team (L4) in march. she is 5 1/2. there is so much to learn, but you will learn lots here.
Hiya rookie,

Welcome to the CB! I used to be a "rookie" too but my dd just completed her first L4 season (6 yrs old) yesterday so I guess I am no longer considered rookie, LOL

I also came here last Feb when my DD first made team to find out what the heck we got ourselves into. But I've learned a lot here over the past year & feel very comfortable sharing stories, pictures, meet results, and asking questions. Please explore the site too, there is so much here I still don't think I've seen everything! There are lots of L4 parents here too so feel free to ask anything.
Also to post in the parent's forum, you need to join the parents group.

1. Click on User CP (at the top in the dark pink bar)
2. Scroll down a bit and you will see User Control Panel, click on Group Memberships
3. Choose Proud Parent

Now you can post and reply in the parents forum. There are a bunch of great parents over there. :D

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