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I am interested in becoming a gym owner, can anyone recommend a starting point for business plan preparation, offer and negotiation, business license, and any other insightful information. I am currently a Trampoline and Tumbling judge and both of my kids participate in gymnastics and Power Tumbling. Gymnastics has become our life over the past 7 years and we are interested in becoming gym owners.
Are you looking to open a new gym or purchase one?
Do you have an experience in gym management?
Have you ever owned a business before?
How many hours per week do you plan to work?
What is your primary goal of ownership (there can only be one)?

This thread could go on for a long time, but first we need to get to know you.:D

Many future owners and owners make the mistake of not treating a gym like a business. If you are not in this mindset from the beginning, there will be a problem.
I know this is a little off topic, but I just read an article on Gymnastics coaching about the extreme cross training part of Gyminny kids - WOW!, what a fantastic idea... my kids would go crazy for this. I wonder why more gyms don't offer those types of programs... JBS or Audra, is the program a big hit and has it always been a part of Gyminny?
We have been getting a lot of interest, and it is picking up in enrollment. Our only problem is that we do not have enough staff to open more classes. We are sure we could fill a class on each day but there are just not enough teachers. Justin is the only one in our gym right now teaching it, we have very few male coaches at this time. It will be a great program in the future and I'm sure many other gyms will start classes as well.
Our coach and a parent are in the process of opening their own gym. The parent is a CPA and spent 15 years as a Chief Financial Officer before moving to our part of the state. I'm helping as much as I can (I have a Law Degree, although I'm not licensed in this state, and a background in advertising and public relations). It's funny because a few people seem to treat us like a group of dumb Moms who have no clue what we are doing. The Coach hired a Consultant from Boise, Idaho who has a great track record. He came to our area and ran the demographics and said the area could easily support another gymnastics school. I don't know all the particulars of what services/assistance he provides but they both felt it was invaluable information.

Good Luck with the new venture!! People who are not involved will always be skeptical! When a coach splits off from their gym it always causes some tension from parents and other staff.
Not open for further replies.