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My dd 5 year old, L3 just received her 1st "Gym sister" an 11 yr old, L6. we are asked to give them small gifts through out the year and attend one of their meets, etc.
what are good gifts/ what would your DD like? Any suggestion would be great

Got her a back of gum and some candy to put in her cubbie tomorrow at practice?! I don't think they should be expensive gifts....
what do 11 year olds like? i have no idea! my dd (5) still watches Dora the Explorer LOL


like the flip flop idea, maybe i can sneak around and see what size she wears!


yeah, i've seen those but did not know if the bigger girls liked them. thanks for telling me they do!!
I sent a question and answer sheet to her about my DD. my dd is very shy and will not say much to her. I am hoping if she knows some things about my DD she can get her to talking. once she warms up to people she doesn't shut up but it takes a while.


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Feb 10, 2007
water bottles are a good one too.
if you go to Limited too or Justice you can find fun little things that do not cost myuch at all.
good luck the gym sisters sounds fun.
Feb 26, 2007
I am sure having a big sister will make her gym experience all that more fun. It is a great idea. You could also have your little one make something for her, maybe a picture or some cookies. My 11 year old just loves the cute little ones at the gym and loves it when they give her stuff they have made.
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I was going to suggest what bog said. My dd just loves when the little ones make things for her - she thinks it is so cute and actually has a scrap book she keeps all the things in. Other than that scrunchies are definitely good. Also find out if her "big sister" has a favorite animal or anything - you could do little gifts having to do with that. Dollar Tree is the best also - there is always tons of fun stuff there.


If you have a Target store nearby, it is an easy way to pick up a bunch of stuff all at once. Then your DD can give the gifts over a period of time and you are not running out & making multiple trips for small items.

My DD is 12 and has had several gym buddies over the years. She loves it!

She enjoys receiving gift cards in small amounts (Jamba Juice, i-Tunes, Claire's), little stuffed animals, candy, hand-made posters/cards, scarves, socks, any 'beauty-related' item, picture frames, stickers, fun pens/pencils....I could go on, but hopefully this gives you an idea.

Good luck & have fun! :p


All great ideas!!! thanks TONS! I just wanted to make sure I was thinking the right things for an 11 year old! y'all are the BEST!!

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Just have fun with it. I know my gymmie loves getting little things from her secret sister and finding things to give. One gift she got that she loves is a journal to write in. She wrote about each meet through the season---her goals and after would put her scores in. Little stuffed animals are always popular no matter what the age.

Little homemade cards(you might have to help), signs with candy glued on etc. are easy and not expensive at all. If you know any L6 parents, ask and see if they know what this girl likes.


The little beauty items are a good idea. Things like lip gloss or nail polish are fairly cheap. You could also do little bottles of bubble bath or lotions.
Jan 17, 2008
Lip Gloss is a BIGGIE in my house! My 11 Year old also loves any accessories.. Claire's sometimes has 10 for $10. That way you can grab a bunch and give out over the year.
Jan 22, 2008
DD had a big sister last year. She was 9 and we did a cute little grip bag, braceltes, Ornaments, Journals and pens, cards, We exchanged pictures. OMG we did a ton of things. Nothing was huge except for her birthday, and states. DD's big sister made her some cute craft things, gave her a towel, a book, pictures, I think we did something once a month or every few weeks. I have some great pictures of them that we also made copies and framed as presents. I think it is about being there for each other and showing support. We always did something little for most of the meets with something in her mail box. Even notes of encouragment were great. DD was working on beam and her Big sister knew she was stressed and sent her a note about being so brave. DD's big sister got her Giant and we made a way to go card for her since DD saw her do it the first time.
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