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Jan 22, 2008
My DD's gym is freezing in the winter and so hot in the summer. I have to say the only time it is comfortable for the girls is Oct/Nov & April/May. Right now DD is wearing under armors over her leo's and can only wear long sleeves or she is just frozen solid. In the summer on practices she is not working bars she is wearing two piece sets because it is just so hot. I just dread parents weeks during these time frames because it is just miserable. Does anyone else experience this at their gym? Is this normal?


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Feb 26, 2007
I imagine it depends where you live. Here in Quebec we have the same issues. Lat week it was -32c and in summer it is often aound 30c. We have heat in the gym and it is on, but the girls do warm up pretty quick, I have never seen anyone complete a course in long underwear though and most of the girls were sleevless leos.

In the summer it is crazy hot in our big metal box, we have many big fans and only train in the mornings in July and Aug, though during the school months of June and Sept it can be horribly how and the coaches just take it a bit easier and get the girls to drink a lot of water.

Air conditioning is unusual here even in homes, we just suck it up and cope. I think in summer year round warmere climes they do cool things down with AC.

Do you know what the actual temps are? There are some legal parameters set by each state for working conditions for adults, the coaches would be covered by those, and therefore the girls could not be coached if they do not meet the norms.


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Mar 1, 2007
Same here. Tonight I stayed to watch a little bit of practice and I was freezing my &^%$# off! We are in NJ & have enjoyed a mild Winter so far, but the temp has dropped over the past few days and the gym is cold. I tried squeezing DD in her one long sleeve leo but it is about 2 years old and looks way too small on her. I ordered her a new one and if the temp stays this low maybe she'll wear it. She's always hot though and hates the long sleeves. Our gym is hot in the Summer too.


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Feb 10, 2007
In the winter there is heat!! actually 1 day the heat was not working *too hot*
Tho Sat mornings the girls are cold till they have a chance to run around!! I think it has to do with it being morning and all!!

byt the time I get htem its normal temps int he gym
as for summer Im not really sure since its a Highschool gym tho Im thinking no AC!! soo im sure it will be pretty warm!!


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Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
we are lucky to have mild winters, so the girls are comfortable right now. but it gets HOT here in the summer, like days on days over 100 degrees and many above 110. her old gym had NO air, but i think her current gym has some. at least it felt like it when we were there in september. the viewing area is hot though. but i would rather her be comfortable, so i am hoping for some A/C. they do have fans. the kids seem to survive. i would be miserable, but i hate the heat. my DD is a native here, so she has is used to heat.

gymgirl0805's Mom

i've never really been too hot or too cold in our gym... i'm assuming it has air and heat..
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