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If 4 of our girls (3 different levels) are scheduled to attend a specific training clinic, can our non-profit booster club organize fundraisers specifically for those 4 girls and that event? Or do the funds from all fundraisers absolutely have to be spread among all team members?

This clinic is expensive and far away. It will require air travel on top of the pricey registration fee.

Thanks for any input!
It depends on your bylaws and how they are written. I think a clinic so far away should be by individual choice and should be paid for individually, however. If the gymnast has the $ in her individual account, the parent can choose to spend the $ however they wish. I would be careful w money coming from the general fund for this purpose.

You also have to look into NCAA eligibility as well.
The clinic that you are probably referring to is probably being held at the Karolyi Ranch in Houston and yes, getting there and all is pricey. You could incorporate these types of fees into the girls assessments and the parents could fundraise to cover those type of things within the scope of your booster club...for example, Susie's usual Level 9 or 10 assessment is 1200 but knowing she will do these type of things you make hers 1400 so she is still covered under the group for fundraising purposes. What could be covered is the coaches expenses going to this clinic because it could be argued that his/her attendance at this clinic will be a benefit to the gym as a whole ...just like when gyms send their coaches to Nationals ...the whole gym isn't going but the coach is representing the gym.
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