Gymnastic Facility in Michigan?

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Jan 7, 2009
Hi Everyone

Our family is very seriously considering a move to the Ann Arbor area of Michigan and would like to know of a highly recommended gymnastic facility. We really love our place here in Orange County, CA and DD is thriving, but a career move is in order. THANK YOU for your advice!!


Jan 18, 2009
I'm not really familiar with that area at all, but Gym America posts lots of videos on Youtube. They have lots of little ones with big skills. They also participate in TOPs. According to their site, all of their level 8s qualified to regionals this year and they also have two girls who got scholarships to Division I schools. I'm really not sure about their training philosophies though and I'm sure it's not the program for everyone. But it might be a place to start looking.
There website is:
And the Youtube videos can be seen here:
YouTube - analissabeth's Channel

One really great resource for finding gyms almost anywhere in the country is There are of course some gyms that aren't listed, but they do a really good job.
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The USAG website lists clubs in the US and if you go to the Michigam USAG website, they will list the clubs in Michigan too. As the previous poster stated, not all the gyms are listed or might not list their websites but can get names and phone numbers off the sites. We just moved last year and I found that all the gyms were very happy to answer my emails and phone calls.
Good Luck
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Jul 25, 2008
Hi. Being from R5, just so happens that I have the R5 site bookmarked. Go to here and click on Michigan and then you can click on clubs to get a listing of several different gyms. We aren't from Michigan though so I can't suggest any places for you, but the listing is at least a start.

Region 5


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Jul 25, 2008
On second thought, maybe I can offer a couple suggestions. These are only based on seeing girls from these gyms at the meet our gym hosts each year. These might be a bit of a drive for you though from Ann Arbor.

Twistars - They came to our meet last year. They had some really phenomenal girls, and I think they won the team awards for almost every level.

Oakland - They were at our meet this year. I saw a couple of different levels, and they were all really good as well.

Hopefully some others on here will be able to give you some other suggestions.


My daughter is a L6 at Twistars. This is a great club with great coaches. Girls travel from all over lower Michigan to train here so you may be able to find a carpool.
Jul 12, 2007
Love Twistars! :D Splitz is a little closer and always seems to do well, but I have not heard much about their program, only thought their girls stood out nicely at competitions - good luck with your move...

Home: Splitz Gymnastics
Feb 22, 2009
I have to say Ann Arbor is a wonderful place to raise a family! As for gyms:

  1. GymAmerica - In Ann Arbor, but never heard of them (i.e., Not a highly competitive club)
  2. Twiststars - a powerhouse, with a couple of well known Elites. Very regimented program for promotion between levels. Not sure if I would travel a distance to this gym considering that anotherr very strong gym is closer
  3. Oakland - strong program for higher levels. However, I've heard they push girls hard and they have a high number of injuries. Probably too far away anyway.
  4. Splitz - Closer to Ann Arbor. Very strong team at lower levels with well respected coaches. However, there is the thought that the lower levels are so strong because of the number of years the girls repeat level 5. (i.e., a 37+ scoring-state-all-around-champion required to repeat Level 5 again) Time will tell if this philosophy will help eventually at the higher levels, but definitely more known for their Level 5 team than others.
All, but the first gym listed, are very strong and among the best in a state that is very strong and competitive. There are a few others that I would rank equal, if not better, but they really aren't reasonably close to Ann Arbor. If you're looking for a very competitive program, personally, I'd look at Splitz first.
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