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Jan 26, 2008
So I will be making one of the best montage ever. I really think it will have a lot of success. And this montage will be about guess what? Gymnastic.

I don't really know what happened in gymnastic from the beginning like when Nadia Comaneci was there. I only know what is going on right now. Mainly with the USA. So I would really need help.

The montage will be about gymnastic moments. Not only Nadia Comaneci getting the gold with a perfect ten. It will be about all the history dates in gymnastic.

I will need at least one momment per year. It can be like, an injured gymnast making a comeback, a perfect routine, an incredible moment or anything that is really important to you in the gymnastic history.

This montage will be for my 100th video on youtube so thats why I want to make something really special and something that you will never forget.

So if you want to help me just put the Year/Date of the momment and the momment itself.

Thank You Very Much!

Charloadams. :)
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So where do you want to start? In 1928, the first women's gymnastics team made it's Olympic appearance. Or in 1881 when FIG was formed? Are you focusing on women, men or both? The men started competing in the Olympics in 1896: horizontal bar, parallel bars, pommel horse, rings, and vault. (no floor)

Anyway here's some more:
1996 was the first time event finals were used at the olympics.
Nadia's perfect ten came in 1976 (just in case you didn't have that one memorized)
Rythmic gymnastics was recognized as a sport by the FIG in 1962

I'll leave it there for now until I understand more of where you're coming from. I'm excited about the idea though!!!!


2004 Annia Hatch/Courtney Kupets comeback
um heres another one from 2004: Paul Hamn's comback in olympic AA (tim dagget explained it as one of the first people to make a comeback that big)

oh and do you want it from any country?
Jan 26, 2008
So where do you want to start?
When gymnastic started that would be great!In 1928, the first women's gymnastics team made it's Olympic appearance. Or in 1881 when FIG was formed? Are you focusing on women, men or both? Only Gymnastic artistic in women. (forgot to mention that! Sorry)The men started competing in the Olympics in 1896: horizontal bar, parallel bars, pommel horse, rings, and vault. (no floor)

Anyway here's some more:
1996 was the first time event finals were used at the olympics.
Nadia's perfect ten came in 1976 (just in case you didn't have that one memorized)
Rythmic gymnastics was recognized as a sport by the FIG in 1962

I'll leave it there for now until I understand more of where you're coming from. I'm excited about the idea though!!!! [/quote]

Thank You So much!!!


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Apr 17, 2007
You will have to include the contraversal 1980 Woman's Olympic AA fiasco with Davydova and the Romanians...or you could try the Japanese Men in 1976 winning the team event over the Russians, Fujimoto's unprecedented broken knee landing off of Rings to win....those are two for a start...

Marge Simpson

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Sep 27, 2007
Well, I would love to see you include the first woman to swing bars (look at some of the routines from the 50s to see just how different it was!) and the first woman to have the bars further apart where they are now. I have no idea who these folks were, but it would surprise me if no one here did. To me, it seems like there were three completely different apparatus over time. Or is that apparati?


Nov 12, 2007
The source of this info is via Tulsa World of Gymnastics Tips
I can't tell you for sure how accurate it is, but its from the net it has to be haha. But i can tell that there is at least 1 error in the MAG section, so there might be some errors in the WAG. CAn't be sure..
But here it something that might help, and good luck finding videos of these moments
[E.1] How did gymnastics begin?

The earliest evidence of gymnastics can be found on frescoes from the Minoan civilization (2700-1400 BC), which depict acrobats leaping over the horns of a bull.
"Gymnastics" is derived from the Greek word "gymnos" (naked) and, while gymnastics was never included in the ancient Olympic Games, it was regarded as training for other sports, such as wrestling and athletics. When the Games were abolished in 393 AD, there was a decline in the participation of many sports, including gymnastics. For several centuries, therefore, the sport was practiced mainly by acrobats performing their skills in traveling circuses and for royalty.
In the 18th century, philosophers began to stress the importance of physical exercise, but it was not until Frederic Louis Jahn recognized the national importance of gymnastics and turned it into a means of the German patriotic feeling that gymnastics became popular throughout Europe. Jahn, called the "father of gymnastics," invented various apparatus and exercises, wrote a book called "Die Deutsche Turnkunst" and developed Turner (gymnastic) societies in Germany. By the late 1800's many other countries had formed their own gymnastics societies, each of which was organized on a national level. Nicholas J. Cuperus, president of the Belgian Gymnastics Federation, invited delegates from several European gymnastics unions to a meeting held in conjunction with the Belgian gymnastics festival in 1881, and thus was born the European Gymnastics Federation, or FEG (renamed the Federation International de Gymnastique ("FIG") in 1921). Beginning in 1896 the FEG met every year or two, each time admitting more countries as members of the Federation.
The early competitions featured both gymnastics exercises (on pommel horse, rings, parallel and high bars, for example) and athletic exercises (running, high jump, weight lifting and pole vaulting), and were held in outdoor arenas. The athletic events were abolished at the 1936 Olympic Games, and were used for the last time at the 1950 World Championships.
Women began performing in gymnastics societies in the late 1800's. The first international festival which included female participation was held in Luxembourg in 1909, and exercises included rhythmic, Baltic and choreographic routines. The Amsterdam Olympics of 1928 featured the first women's gymnastics competition; women competed at the World Championships for the first time at the 1934 Budapest Worlds.
[E.2] Who was the first to...?

Being the first to execute a gymnastics skill in international competition is an accomplishment highly regarded in the sport. Moves are often named after the gymnast who first performs them. Here is our list of "who was the first to...?", to the best of our knowledge:


Tsukahara Ludmila Turischeva (URS)'74 WorldsFull twist on full twist off Olga Korbut (URS)'74 WorldsFull-twisting tucked Tsukahara Nelli Kim (URS)'76 OlympicsTucked front Marta Egervari (HUN) & Maria Filatova (URS)'76 OlympicsLayout Tsukahara Maria Filatova & Natalia Shaposhnikova (URS)'77 World CupFull-twisting layout Tsukahara Natalia Shaposhnikova (URS)'78 WorldsTucked front with * twist Christa Canary (USA)'78 WorldsCuervo Christa Canary (USA)'79 WorldsTucked double front Choe Jong Sil (PRK)'80 OlympicsFull twist on front tuck off Elena Davydova (URS)'80 OlympicsLayout Yurchenko Natalia Yurchenko (URS)'82 World CupFull-twisting layout Yurchenko Natalia Yurchenko (URS)'82 World Cup1.5-twisting layout Yurchenko Elena Shushunova (URS)'84 OlomoucDouble-twisting layout Yurchenko Elena Gurova (URS)'84 DTB CupYurchenko on * twist to immediate layout front off Snejana Hristakieva (BUL)'92 OlympicsLayout front Irina Evdokimova (KAZ)'93 Worlds* on * off to layout front salto Jaycie Phelps (USA)'94 Dortmund Worlds
Uneven Bars:

Front salto over LB to sit on LB Marta Egervari & Krisztina Medveczky (HUN)'74 WorldsJump to clear hip on HB to handstand with * turn Julianne McNamara (USA)'81 WorldsRound-off Arabian over LB to brief sit on LB Michelle Goodwin (USA)'81 WorldsRound-off tucked back somersault over LB to recatch LB Birgit Senff (GDR)'84 Olomouc

Toe on * twist to tucked back Nadia Comaneci (ROM)'75 EuropeansTucked double back Nadia Chatarova (BUL)'76 OlympicsHecht to immediate full-twisting tucked back Natalia Tereschenko (URS)'78 American CupHecht * twist to immediate tucked front Ma Yanhong (CHN)'79 WorldsDouble twisting flyaway Kathy Johnson (USA)'81 WorldsTucked full-in Maiko Morio (JPN)'83 WorldsDouble Layout Diana Dudeva (BUL)'87 WorldsTucked double front Lacramioara Filip (ROM) & Sarah Mercer (GBR)'89 WorldsTucked full-out Oksana Chusovitina (URS)'91 WorldsTucked full-in full-out Oksana Fabrichnova (RUS)'93 Worlds

FF from HB to recatch HB (Korbut) Olga Korbut (URS)'72 OlympicsDeltchev Natalia Shaposhnikova (URS)'77 World CupGiant swing Natalia Shaposhnikova (URS)'77 World CupFull-twisting Korbut Elena Mukhina (URS)'77 World CupBack stalder to handstand with full turn in handstand Marcia Frederick (USA)'78 WorldsTkachev Elena Davydova (URS)'80 OlympicsTkachev to immediate Deltchev Natalia Yurchenko (URS)'83 WorldsUnderswing from HB with 1.5 twists and flight over LB to hand on LB (Strong) Lori Strong (CAN)'89 WorldsSwing forward on HB (facing out) counter salto forward to recatch in reverse grip (Kim) Kim Gwang Suk (PRK)'89 WorldsDef (full-twisting Gienger) Snejana Hristakieva (BUL)'91 Junior EuropeansGaylord I Salto Mo Huilan (CHN)'94 Brisbane Worlds
Balance Beam:

Press to handstand Larissa Latynina & Tamara Manina (URS)'62 WorldsFront tuck Stella Zacharova (URS)'79 World CupRO FF Maxi Gnauck (GDR)'81 EuropeansRO full-twisting tucked back Kelly Garrison (USA)'85 WorldsRO layout Natalia Yurchenko (URS)'85 WorldsRO full-twisting FF Patricia Luconi (ITA)'87 WorldsJump to 1-armed handstand Janine Rankin (CAN)'87 WorldsFront handspring immediate tucked front Anastasia Dzyundzyak (UZB)'94 Asian Games

Cartwheel tucked back salto Vera Caslvaska (TCH)'62 WorldsTucked front Keiko Ikeda (JPN)'62 WorldsCartwheel full-twisting layout Vera Caslavska (TCH)'68 OlympicsCartwheel double-twisting layout Nadia Comaneci (ROM)'75 EuropeansTucked double back Elena Mukhina & Natalia Shaposhnikova (URS)'77 World CupPiked double back Maria Filatova (URS)'77 World CupFull-twisting tucked double back Albina Shishova & Tatiana Frolova (URS)'83 WorldsTriple twist Iva Cervenkova (TCH)'83 Worlds

Cartwheel Eva Bosakova (TCH)'56 OlympicsFlick flack Erika Zuchold (GDR)'66 WorldsFront handspring Karin Janz & Erika Zuchold (GER)& Vera Caslavska (TCH)'68 OlympicsTucked back salto Olga Korbut (URS) and Nancy Thies (USA)'72 OlympicsFF to swing down and straddle beam (Korbut) Olga Korbut (URS)'72 OlympicsLayout salto Aurelia Dobre (ROM)'74 WorldsTwo consecutive layout stepout saltos Eugenia Golea (ROM)'84 American CupTucked front salto Carola Dombeck (GDR)'76 OlympicsTucked side salto Elena Davydova (URS)'76 American CupSide FF to back hip circle under beam (Yurchenko loop) Natalia Yurchenko (URS)'79 SpartakiadeFull-twisting Korbut (Rulfova) Jana Rulfova (TCH)'81 WorldsTucked back salto with full twist (from RO) Albina Shishova (URS)'83 WorldsTucked back salto with full twist (from a stand) Aleftina Priakhina (URS)'86 Junior EuropeansLayout salto with full twist (from RO) Olessia Dudnik (URS)89 American CupTriple pirouette (Okino) Betty Okino (USA)'91 Worlds
Floor Exercise:

Full-twisting back layout Muriel Grossfeld (USA)'60 OlympicsDouble-twisting back layout Zdenka Bujnackova (TCH) & Joan Moore (USA) & Ludmila Turischeva (URS)'72 OlympicsFull twisting front layout Margit Toth (HUN)'76 OlympicsTucked double back Nadia Comaneci (ROM)'76 American CupTucked full-in Elena Mukhina (URS)'78 WorldsTriple twisting back layout Maxi Gnauck (GDR)'79 WorldsFull-twisting back layout punch front Heidi Anderson (USA)'79 Moscow NewsDouble layout Diana Dudeva (BUL)'83 WorldsDouble-twisting back layout punch front Oksana Omelianchik (URS)'85 Europeans1 * piked side salto Elena Shushunova (URS)'85 EuropeansFull-in full-out Aleftina Priakhina (URS)'86 Junior EuropeansDouble front salto Olga Strazheva (URS)'86 Junior EuropeansDouble back layout with full twist in 1st salto Natiana Tuzhikova (URS)'87 WorldsDouble full-in back out Tatiana Groshkova (URS)'89 Chunichi CupDouble back layout with full twist in 2nd salto Oksana Chusovitina (URS)'91 WorldsDouble front salto with * twist in 2nd salto Lilia Podkopayeva (UKR)'95 Worlds
Sep 13, 2007
way out West
Classic moments from WAG in the 80' forte':
81 Worlds...cute little Soviet girls win
83 Yurtchenko wins AA...Soviets are poised to win Olympics
84 Szabo/Retton Battle and 84 Olomnouc...perfect 40 AA for Mostepanova who would have killed both
85 Worlds Omie/Shush replace Mostepanova and Baraksanova to tie for AA..Omie's FX/Shush's bars change womens gymnastics
86 Kraft and Goodwill Games/NCAA was the only good thing going on in the US
87 World Championships...Silivas/Dobre/Baitova/Diesel Szabo&Shush
88 Olympics...the epic battle between Shush and Silivas...lots of bad hair and Strazheva jacks up her knee
89 Worlds...Complete domintation by Soviets, just when everyone thought they couldn't get any better, BANG!!! along comes Bogi, Straz, Lashenova, Chusovitina, Dudnik and Baitova

Hope that helps.
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