Gymnastic Rips...Would you do this ?

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That's pretty gross...

...I'd be mostly concerned about the bacteria being sealed in the wound and the resulting infection. Definitely cover and tape.

Getting back on bars after a rip can also be very painful to say the least. RipGuardian helps by eliminating the pain so you can focus on your workout.

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i wouldn't do this unless it was italian chalk. you can't even imagine the contents of non-italian chalk and i don't even want to go there on this subject matter.
I guess i'm weird but if i get a rip (no matter the size or severity) i pull of the dead skin flap (ewwwww!!! :D) grab some chalk and jump on the bar; it will only hurt for a second. But my teammates get mad at me when i mark the bars, beam, and vualt with my blood. What weirdos!
I also use prep H when i get home for my rips.
If there small-ish, we put chalk on them and continue. Otherwise we tape it with hockey tape, maybe put Polysporin on it, suck it up and continue to train. The hockey tape protects the rip and does not spread bactaria.
If the rip is bleeding, I stop to wash it, then tape it and continue. But if it's not bleeding I do just stuff chalk in it and keep going! It probably is very unsanitary, but it kept me from leaving bars!!
Ewww, when i rip, I wash my hands with soap and warm water, tape it up and then grip up again. I used to stop doing bars when I ripped but then I came to an understanding that if my hands didn't go through pain a little bit during bars I wouldn't ever be able to handle ripping properly. So the last time I ripped, I tapped up and regripped and battled through the stinging pain and it was all good. My hands are fine LOL.
I get a lot of rips but hardly any of the bleed a lot, so mostly it's just some new chalk and off you go (though I must admit I'm a bit whiny and only do stuff like dismounts after I've ripped most of the time).

We once had a show where we were meant to do bars, and I've had this rip which hadn't healed over the past 2 weeks (even though I even stayed away from bars for a couple of days each week). for that show we had practice thurs, fri, sat, then show on sat and sun, and the rip just got worse and worse kind of like a rip within the rip, peeling of one layer of skin after the other. Surprisingly enough, dealing with rips turned out to be really mental. I knew I kinda had to do bars anyway, so it was far easier than expected to just ignore it. Should have taken a picture of my hands though because they did look really disgusting. Chalk helps a ton with the pain.
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