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I used to think the color thing was silly but then I got an Instagram account. And "followed" a few gymnasts, coaches, and USAG. Then I read the comments on their posts. Now I think the the pretty colors might not be some enough for some...
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I'm reading this dying, but having no clue what you all are talking about because I've only watched on live stream or replayed a stream online. Those commentators aren't great, but there is usually at least one who knows gymnastics...
NBC gymnastics drinking game:

take a shot of tequila/rum/vodka/root beer (for the underaged)/etc. whenever one of the commentators does any of the following:

says "gymnastics 101"
uses the word "helicopter"
uses the word "destiny"
refers to Simone's parents as "grandparents"
explains the green/yellow/red scoring system

Fell free to add to the list....
It would be fun to have a Tim Daggett 101 sign wouldn't it?;)
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Okay, not for the list. This is actually a good quote from Tim:
"Most moms can't watch their girls on balance beam, whether its level 3 or elite."

We have certainly found this to be true!
Amen. Amen, amen, AMEN.
crochet Pokemon

Lol I'm just imagining Kohei, Oleg, Danell, Max, and the whole Russian team sitting in a crochet circle on the sidelines together comparing their pickachus to pass the time waiting for scores.

They could keep it simple AND do so much better explaining what's going on.

If you believe Tim, then you think the scores are based on height and sticking a landing?!?!???

They could do a MUCH better job explaining the execution score. Remember the 10.0 system??? WE STILL HAVE IT. The execution score is out of a 10! Seriously... they think it's more helpful to create their own BS green/yellow/red, then actually explain that errors come from missing handstands, bobbles, form breaks, body position?!? These are things kids with just a couple of years of experience can pick out.

THEN they could explain difficulty score; "Ok, so the gymnast lost 1.2 in execution... but they did 6.0 in difficulty because of this cool combination... and most people do 5.5. So decent execution with extra difficulty beats perfect execution with little difficulty." THAT IS THE REAL GYMNASTICS 101.

I guess explaining a little bit about whats going on and a little arithmetic are too complicated??? But somehow it's important to include skill names (or make up new ones) that really don't matter at all :(
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interesting point about skill names.

All I have heard here is about who has the Amanar. It was never mentioned once. They talked bout 2 1/2 twist, about the difference between handspring, half on and roundoff entries, but the only mention of a named vault was because Dragalescu was there !
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My daughter observed him explaining something along the lines of ... this is a turn done on one leg. And she replies after he says this every time, "EVERY TURN IS DONE ON ONE LEG." I guess it's a pet peeve of hers.
I don't know about other dads, but I never had a problem watching DD on beam. My wife, on the other hand, would always have a death grip on my knee and had her eyes closed half the time.

I've never been like that when my girls are on beam. The only time I was nervous for my older daughter was when she was coming back from a knee injury this past year. She hurt it on vault, so every time she went running down that runway my heart started beating a million times per minute. The first meet she did all around again in a meet, I was a nervous wreck (she was able to return to bars and beam within a few weeks and dance throughs on floor, but it was over 2 months before she was cleared for vault and tumbling). I knew she had clearance from her Dr and PT, and she had been training VT/FX again in practice (of course), so I don't know why it made me so anxious at the meet. Maybe because I didn't have to watch practice. Lol

I called my mom after the meet and was like I'm so sorry for everything I put you through with my injuries and surgeries. :( Of course I was always grateful for my parents' support, but I never truly appreciated what it must have been like for them until I was on the mom side of it myself. It's so much harder being the mom than being the gymnast/patient!
I used to think the colors were because they thought Americans were stupid.

After reading that he is proud to admit that he hasn't even bothered to learn what an Amanar is, I have come to the conclusion that the color system is for Al--HE can't be bothered to figure out if a score is good or not. HE is the one NBC producers think is stupid.

So much yes!
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They use colors in diving tool they have a Splashmeter. Green = good, not much splash. They also have Yellow and Red for essentially a flop.
If Tim Daggett shouts "Gymnastics 101!" One more time, I'm going to dismantle one of the uneven bars and smack him in the face with it.

I can't be the only one who has heard enough of that from him....who's with me?

how about the swimming guy? "she swims like a man!"
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Oh no...we get Al blowing hot air and not reallly saying anything, and Tim, saying things like the above, or "he is going to let go and grab the bar again. It is crucial that he hang on" ANd Nastia occassionally trying to say something actually gymnastic-y, but having it dumbed down by NBC> It is so much fun :confused:o_O

trautwig is a blowhard...
how about the swimming guy? "she swims like a man!"
Yeah, as one who swam competitively for years, and could bench press over 200 pounds at the end of highschool and into college (which was and is nowhere near my weight, btw), that comment was pretty doesn't offend me now, but it would have if I had heard it back in the day. I was randomly drug tested so many times in college, because people were sure with my build that I had to be on steroids. After the last time, I said I would be contacting my lawyer that I did not have. They left me alone. Not my fault I started lighting weights at age 10. Fwiw I haven't lifted a weight in almost 30 years, and while the majority of the build shrunk, I still have the shoulders and look like I lift weights. It's pretty funny. So I am sure I too swam like a man when I made All American...
People are so daft sometimes.
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