Gymnastics 2nd most dangerous sport

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But that article says the numbers are for high school and college injuries. Wonder what they would be if they included Club injuries?
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Be very careful about drawing conclusions from a 3-paragraph "article" in US Snooze. It is very, very short on specifics. I just went to the website of the cited report's authors and downloaded the actual report. US Snooze severely over-simplified the conclusions. I suggest anyone actually interested go to the National Center for Catastrophic Injury Research website and download and read the report for yourself.

By the by, football leads the tally for catastrophic injuries.

Happy reading!

Exactly what I was thinking. 67 for cheerleaders and 9 for gymnastics. It just doesn't seem right. I wonder how they classify these injuries...

Actually I can see this. The Cheer #2 because it probably the only sport to do the number of hours that they do for practice. Just being in the gym that much will create a place where injuries will occur in greater numbers simply because they are there instead of at home. Most of the "bad" injuries i see with gymnasts usually happen outside of the gym or when they are walking accross the floor or up the stairs for snack. They can do a back layout on a 4" piece of wood 4 ' off the ground but they can't go up a flight of stairs with out injury.
They can do a back layout on a 4" piece of wood 4 ' off the ground but they can't go up a flight of stairs with out injury.

I keep telling my daughter that we need to line the house with balance beams because she can't seem to walk across the floor without banging into something or tripping over something. But put her on a beam and she's just fine. LOL
Yup, just as I was reading this youngest walked into the office, flung her arms out in a salute and whacked her hand on the counter. The gym is soooo much safer than my house.
Maybe if they practiced more and put less time into looking pretty they wouldn't fall as much.
If they are talking about hig school cheerleading and gym I can understand this. Gymnastics uses and requires mats which break a fall. In high school cheerleading, there is nothing to protect the girls when they fall to the hard basketball court or on the track.
Yeah I'd buy that. I did cheer for 3 years and had a nasty spill(as in I got thrown up but no one caught me) onto a high school track that messed up my back for most likely the rest of my life. I did gymnastics for 13 years and nothing major.
Gymnastics has wayyy less injuries than sports like foorball (aussie football) and netball.
there have been 4 injuries in our gym (bad ones) over the last 3 years and about 50 at my brother's footy club.

please read my post in the other thread. the ONLY database that is valid and conclusive is that of hospital emergency rooms. gymnastics is the safest sport that a child can participate in.

cheer leads all sports in fatalities with the exception of rock climbing.

fact for the record:

gary morava-mini tramp accident-deceased 1972

julissa gomez- yurchenko accident-deceased 1988[?]

????? ?????-switzerland-high bar accident-deceased 1994[?]

????? ?????-queensland, aus-tumbl trak accident-deceased 2009

now check into fatalities in ALL other sports.


p.s. you can use that article in your bathrooms. and not for reading...

p.s.s. forgot one. in 2000 a romanian coach beat a 10/11 year old to death for not attempting a skill. he received a life sentence.
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Yep... .every injury my daughter has sustained has been from goofing off in the basement (broken collarbone); stepping down on her right ankle the wrong way (true, it was at the gym... but it was OPEN gym and she wasn't paying attention to what she was doing... so as far as I'm concerned that doesn't count as a "gym" injury); tripping over the curb in my front yard.... she's never been injured when she's actually at team practice. These girls!
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