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Tiffany im Tiff! i did gymnastics and for about five years when i was little. was in to many activities to compete so i asked my coach to practice with me on the level 3 days of the week (last level before competitive) was a sucess! soon i lost intrest in training alone with a gym full of toddlers :D haha. i wasn't making friends cause i was so much older and was tired of hurting myself :p :p age 11 i stopped. im interested again but still dont have time to compete. i want a home gym. please dont tell me about the dangers i am well aware. i just need the information on the safest way to build uneven bars?!?!?! and for all you moms on the site who are cringeing in your seats at the thought of me training alone please know my parents bought the old mats from my old school for me to use :D hope this is helpfull!!!
Sep 21, 2008
Best and safest way?

Find an open gym. If you are really "that" into it, save yourself the headache of building a set, and use ones made for what you want to do. You never know, you might get free coaching. I know when I go to open gyms I help whoever needs it.

Good luck, and be safe.

Feb 26, 2007
I agree, open gyms are great and you will certainly get to be with other people your own age whilst you learn. No way can anyone on here tell you how to build bars, legally we can't stand the potential law suit when you break your neck!!!

Good luck in finding a place to train.

Oh by the way can you type using upper and lower case letters here, it is an adult board and we love to read full sentences.

Stick around, you can get lots of great tips and meet some awesome people too.
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