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Dec 8, 2007
I just watched like gym bloopers on youtube and I'm wondering what was the funniest thing you've done at gymnastics?

I peeled off the bar a lot. The level 5 dismount was soo hard for me. haha I always like held on too long then ended up slipping off and flipping. I have peeled off on tap swings too. When I was a level 4 I was jumping to the high bar and I completely missed but my coach caught me like superman. haha.

The funniest was when one of my teammates straddled the bar a couple years ago.

So what have you done?
Sep 9, 2007
I did a punch front, landed on my behind and then managed to bounce out of bounds. It was majorly embarrassing...

I also tripped over my own feet on a vault run up lol.
Mar 30, 2008
One time when my coach was spotting me for a handstand on bars, his hand slipped and he punched me in the face, then another time when the same coach was spotting me i accidentally punched him. lol it was soooooo funny. So for a while we had that going on because every time he would spot me either he would accidentally hit me or the other way around.

And when i was a level 5 ( we still had the old routine with the split turn on your stomach thing) and when i was turning one day i didn't realize that i was really close to a wall and my mouth hit it, and my tooth hit my lip and cut it really bad.... i didnt tell anyone tell until my mom came to pick me up(after practice) and the next day i had a huge bump on my lip (it looked like my tooth was in my lip) but it wasnt. it was really funny though

And i have one more thing... i popped a blood vessel in my eye at gym on day... so it looked like my eye was bleeding, it looked kewl!! it was funny too!!


my coach was yelling at my friend and she had her back to the low bar and she started yelling back and she got this really bad attitude and turned around for effect and walked straight into the low bar it was so funny i almost peed my pants

and then one time my friend did a fly away and let go SO early she peeled off and went to her face and then her hair got stuck in the velcro on the floor and she couldn't get up hahhhaha


Jun 26, 2007
Ontario, Canada
Last year I was on bars and I did a cast away to swing on a metal bar, when I got back to the back of my swing I had so much momentum that my fingers slipped off the bar and and I went flying backwards almost to the next set of bars and landed on my feet. As soon as I landed I started laughing like crazy.

Another time, my friend was just getting used to grips and was swinging on the high bar. She had jumped off a box that was just in front of the low bar at the same hight, and when she got to the back of the swing she slipped off and landed under the low bar on the 2nd highest box (having knocked the top one off in the process of falling). It was really funny once we knew that she was fine.


My first meet of level 7 I already fell on my squat on on bars, and as I went for the cast, my weight shifted over to one arm. I ended up doing a cartwheel on the highbar in competition! Plus, sometimes I trip in my dance on floor. Not the actual leaps, but just dance dance.
I was practicing my beam mount, and it's kind of like the level 6 mount, only with a turn thingy. So I was doing that and I got stuck in the turn and fell flat on my face under the beam. It was sooo funny.

Another thing is I was marching in with my team at states a couple of seasons ago, and I tripped on my own feet and fell. That was funny.
Aug 26, 2008
I had a boy tease me that men gymnasts were better than girl gymnasts. I tried to prove him wrong by saying his stuff was so easy, I could do it. Well floor and vault were fine (I did a men floor routine) I got higher scoring than him in both. I did good on bars. Then it got to still rings and I could barely life myself up, much less do the required moves. Then I went onto pommel horse. Well, everyone in the gym is wondering what I'm doing, so when I go to get on their all staring at me. I wanted to prove myself, so I grabbed the horse with such determination that I ripped the handles off and went tumbling into the foam pit that was 100 feet behind it. The place burst into laughter and all I could do was stare dumbly at the handles. Turns out the horse was like 20 years old! No wonder it fell apart. They had to replace it. But when we put the boy on the beam. Now that was something to laugh at. :D


beam fall

on beam i did a one handed cartwheel and completly missed both my feet and ended up on my back. everyone gasped and then started laughing!!!!;)
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