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The kids in my 7 yo DS's first grade class is supposed to bring a non-fiction book about a sport. Naturally, being that it's his favorite sport, DS wants to bring a gymnastics book. But but BUT! When we looked, all the children's gymnastics books we found had little girls on the cover, which just won't do (according to him). Anyone out there have a title of a gymnastics children's book we can get from Amazon that has an actual boy on a cover? A boy and girl would be okay, JUST a boy would be ideal. Thanks!
Nov 20, 2007

My DD has a gymnastics book that has 4 pictures on the cover - 3 women and 1 man gymnasts (they are not little girls...but famous olympic gymnasts).
It is a non fiction book called: Gymnastics, The Trials, the Triumphs, the Truth written by Dan Gutman.

Inside it is mostly about women gymnastics but also has sections about men.

Being that it was written in 1996 it is a cerainly not very up to date ;)


Unfortunately the items for men's gymnastics are hard to find. It is considered a "girl" sport by those who make those consumer items. My son did competitive gymnastics for 10 years until he dislocated his knee and loved it but most of the "gym" items we got were hard to find or we had them custom made.

Sorry that isn't really helpful is it.
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