Gymnastics Camp ideas?

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Hi everyone,
I'm looking for some new ideas for recreational kids for a camp next week. We wanted to incorporate an Olympic theme, and I was also wondering if anyone had some ideas on different awards that we could hand out. Any help would really be appreciated! Thank-you!
some awards ideas:

~ most improved
~ hardest worker
~ longest held handstand
~ Queen of the Beam (Bars, Floor, Vault) - our gym does a Queen of the Beam contest every week. They do jumps, handstands etc. last one standing is the Queen.

~ best splits
~ straightest legs
~ camp clown (there is always at least one :p )
~ top of the rope (not sure if you have one)
~ most push-ups, sit ups

My club recently held our Summer Camp. I had a mixed group of 13... 4 boys who had never done gym, 5 girls who were advanced recreational and then the rest were girls who some had done gym and some hadn't.

The boys weren't interested in beam at all so what I did was, I allowed the older advanced girls to work on the floor beam perfecting their moves and during that time I let the others who either didn't want to do beam work or seom who just wanted to have fun, to play games.

What we did was, they all stood on the beam, had a certain amount of lives etc. I threw softish balls to them. Then would get them to stand on one leg, or then I got them to put bean bags on their heads and they had to keep their balance and not let the bag drop off.

other than that we did relay races, normal races and the kids have this game they play on the trampoline called "alphabet game" where they try to make lettters as they jump.

actually 1 thing all the kids seemed to love was the rhythmic ribbons!
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