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for the last two summers i have wanted to do gymnastics camp at camp woodward in pa. i always think about it in june and there isn't enough time to get my body ready for daily workouts in august.
the past two summers the offer camp for adults during their last week of the summer (august).
is anyone else interested in this? i thought it sounded like so much fun because i loved camp when i was a kid. it was like a dream come true, no school and gymnastics all day long!
when it is all said and done, it will probably cost a grand.
that is my goal for this year. please let me know if anyone else is interested. if we start training now, we shouldn't be too beat up when camp rolls around. and it sounds like so much more fun if someone was going from the chalk bucket!
I'm pretty sure they have everything from level 1 and recreational equivalent, up. As long as you aren't literally just starting out in gymnastics, you can go! I went when I was almost 19, back in 2001 before they had an official adult week and I was working on level 5.

I reallllly would love to go to this again, if I can sway the money and the time off work I would do it but I can't do either that I am aware of this year. So perhaps next year, 2010! I will have a much better paying job at that point! There's a few people off drillsandskills who go. If I could afford it this year, I'd try and get the others in my adult gymnastics class to go too!

I would love to go too, and I am aiming for next year as well, depends on the finances, of course, but I also never got the chance to go to summer camp as a child, and would love to have the opportunity, no husband or other responsibilities for a week, just doing gymnastics? Sure!
I would love to go but I'm trying to decided if I'm going to try and compete in the aau junior olympics or not. If I do, I know I can't go to the camp also but it sounds like so much fun, just kind of expensive but I guess so would a plane ticket to Iowa and the hotel room. I can't decide what I want to do yet. If there ends up being a group of you going, I might just have to try and go. There's always next year to compete and maybe then I'll be better.
I think it would be okay for me to buddy up with people.I don't think I would need professional help. I would need to know what kind of people I am dealing with on chaulkbucket, I don't want anybody to harm me.It is hard to trust people nowadays. I will have to ask my mom if I would need buddy help or professional help.
i'd love to go next year in 2010! that would be so much fun, especially if lots of us adults from chalkbucket were going!
I am totally game for it!!!!! Next year that is. Like I said, I have always wanted to go to camp, never had the chance as a child. And by next year, I will be so much better and more prepared
Wow! If all of you are going, I am so there! It would be a great experience. I've been to camp as an adult and I must say that being there training with fellow adults would be soooooo much better! Let's seriously consider it.
Iwould love to go to a gymnastics camp! I've never been to camp as kid. I e-mailed the camp and they said they offer all levels of instruction from rec to 10. And they said a week at camp typically runs at $850. But I noticed that some weeks were a little cheaper as listed in the Dates and Rates section on their site.
isn't there only one week where adults are allowed to go? i tried looking at the website, but i was really confused, and couldn't figure out how to get to the gymnastics camp... they have so many different camps, i couldn't tell if there was one for just gymnastics, or if they just have gymnastics as an activity along with a bunch of other things. does anyone know any more specific information or have the link to the correct gym. camp instead of just the general camp woodward site?
I think it is the last week that adults are allowed to go. Someone would have to call them and double check though.
i guess we can narrow down the details next year :) this will be very fun, though. i hope it works out that a group of us go.
if i'm all better by august I really want to go. it would be a great stepping stone to getting back where I want to be on team so lets agree to do it by beginning of july if we are
if you're talking about THIS august kylie, i don't think i'll be able to go. i don't think i'll be in a condition to get the most out of a camp by then (i hope my back will be better by then, but you never know... even if it is better, it will be so recent that i still probably won't be able to do much)
I think if we all went next year, we would all rock even more, and everyone's injuries would have had the chance to heal
I think if we all went next year, we would all rock even more, and everyone's injuries would have had the chance to heal
Agree! There are a few more skills I'd like to have solid before I go to camp. And I feel it'll be pointless for me to go while I'm still pathetic on bars.
i'm glad to see that there is so much interest in camp. next year, let's all go.
my gymnastics practice has been very sporadic since the ankle injury last august. i have only done a ro bhs on floor once and i haven't even vaulted, not to mention that i have a job that has been taking a lot of my time.
so i don't think that i would be able to get in shape enough for august (but that is three months)!
I've been to camp as an adult and I must say that being there training with fellow adults would be soooooo much better!

I agree adult camp is a great idea. Can I ask, where did you go to camp as an adult?
Does anybody know of anywhere else that offers it to adults apart from Woodward?

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