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Jan 8, 2006
Ahwahnee, CA
Gymbabi is very excited to be going to gymnastics camp this year. She's never been away to a full week camp before, although she did go to a trainaway weekend at the same place last year. Has anyone sent a gymnast to Woodward West before? JUst curious as to how anyone else felt it stacked up.
Great Place

I have a couple of my gymnasts go there every summer. That's all I hear about for the next six months. They go during different weeks all alone and they have absolutely no problem making new friends. They love the staff, too.
Thanks for the input, She's really looking forward to it. One of the other girls is going as well, so they're looking forward to bunking together.
One of my gymnasts just found out that she signed up for the week when Shannon Miller is there.:)
I've heard great things about their program she'll have a ball if she can get over the homesickness. My daughter goes to the USA Gymnastics camp in Holyoak MA. Its alot closer to us and when we pick her up we stay a few days and do 6 flags just down the road.

She has been going now for the past 4 years and LOVES it!!!

Her biggest thrill is the Olympians they bring in to work with them. This year week 1 is Nastia and week 2 is Alyssia. She can hardly wait.
Not open for further replies.