WAG Gymnastics Christmas Party Games?

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Oct 17, 2014
In a couple weeks we are having our annual Team Holiday Party! In the past, it's always been a lock-in, but because of our crazy meet schedule this winter, we are unable to hold it until after the season is over. So instead, we are just having a party that will only last a couple of hours filled with snacks, Secret Santa gift exchange, and games. We have some prizes that we are going to be giving away to winners (gym merchandise such as shorts, t-shirts, scrunchies, pj pants, and then some candy and other little prizes). The problem is we just need some game ideas! In years past it's always been a sleepover, so time was never an issue as far as setting up or getting through various activities. We need things that everyone can do at the same time that we can include more games. We also have ages ranging from 6-15, so they have to be fun for all ages.

Ideas we have so far are:
- group relay races with holding object on spoon (like holding an egg on a spoon without it falling while you run....but minus the egg. Maybe a cotton ball or small bouncy ball)
- hoola hoop contest
- Ships & Sailors (the "Captain's coming", "Army, Navy, Marines", "Hit the deck" game)
- Lever's Leap (the "3 men rowing", "bunk beds", etc game)

And that's pretty much it. I feel like it's a lot harder to come up with ideas when you're time constricted. Because we need shorter, less time consuming games but a lot of them.

I really want to do an American Ninja Warrior-esque obstacle course but I feel like it would take too much time getting everyone through since they'd have to go one at a time.

We need some individual only games also (like the hoola hoop contest) because that's how we'll mainly give out prizes. We don't want to do anything gymnastics related like handstand contests because the optionals will likely beat the compulsory kids every time.

What about making Christmas Trees using green frosting and sugar cones with fruit loops as ornaments?
We did gingerbread houses. They also love the limbo.

We do handstand contest by level and age.
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