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Proud Parent
Aug 1, 2020
Should my daughter downplay Varsity High School cheerleading when she posts to he social media for gymnastics recruiting? Would college gym coaches percieve her as not a serious recruit if she does cheer also. She is good at both but I am wondering if we really do need to keep these worlds separated. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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How old is she and what are her goals for college gymnastics? - recruiting to D1? top tier college team or lower in the rankings? etc.
she is in 9th grade. we are looking a academically competitive D1. she would forego college gym for academics. she doesn’t care if it is a strong gym as long as it is D1. just not sure how college gym coaches really think of the cheerleading background and whether she needs to avoid the topic or social media posts for gym. in the back of my mind, I think it might be a problem
Cheerleading has nothing to do with gymnastics as far as college recruiting goes.
There are a number of D1 gymnasts that did cheer, ie Elena Arenas and Emma Kelley. Definitely more prevalent in the south where cheer is held in very high esteem. Depends on the club gym and cheer program if they will work with you. I would’ve loved for my gym daughter to do both but neither the school or club really wanted to be flexible. Ultimately it was gym that was getting her into college so cheer fell by the wayside.
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