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Lily Bird

Mar 7, 2021
Hey I wanted to dress up as a gymnast for a costume party I’ve got coming up but have no idea what I would need and stuff so though I would ask here for help haha, thanks!! x


Oct 24, 2009
The 'Wood, Ohio
When my gymmies dressed as gymnasts for Halloween one year, they wore matching warm ups (any track suit would work. If it is a little oversized, that would be fine. Both girls wore the same size warm ups ... OG was 9 and YG was 6. YG rolled the waistband down like she saw the "big girls" at meets do). A body suit or a form-fitting tank top tucked into the pants would substitute for a leotard if you didn't have one. Then you just need a cute hair style and scrunchie. Good luck.


Proud Parent
Dec 22, 2016
I'd find or make some fun gold medals to go with the look. Also a pinapple bun with a scrunchie or bow, If you look at the college gymnasts they will do team logo removable tatoos on the face, some glitter gel in the hair. you could make and wear some tape grips if you really wanted to amp it up (I am sure there are videos on line on how to do it) and practice your salute (the college salutes are the best for dramatic effect)
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