Gymnastics exercises with wrist injuries?

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Sep 30, 2019
Hello all,

I am a 25m who just started gymnastics for the very first time with my S.O. I have never done anything remotely close to gymnastics before.

We started at a gym a few weeks ago. I got really excited and injured my wrists by trying too many handstands...every day. My wrists are now in a bit of pain and I'm on painkillers. The docs aren't sure how long it will take to heal but it will be weeks minimum.

For the last week I've still been going to the gym but avoiding the wrists. I've been trying the balance beam, box jumps, trampoline and core exercises. That's just the things I could think of. It's quite frustrating as I'm a total beginner and was just getting the hand of cartwheels and starting handstands. A proper handstand is my beginner goal right now.

Are there particular exercises and things that I can do as a "hands-off" gymnast? Ideally those that would help me develop core skills that I will need as I progress.

I don't feel comfortable giving you suggestions for exercises but I'd advise you to take it easy with your wrists (and ankles as well). Doing the same skills over and over again, especially if you don't have good form yet, is going to put a lot of pressure on your joints and lead to more injuries. If you have a qualified coach available, I'd suggest having them give you a variety of drills to work up to the actual gymnastics skills. Also strengthen your wrists once your doctor clears you for that.

25 is old in terms of gymnastics. I turned 26 this year, did a couple cartwheels on beam for the fun of it, and ouch did I feel it in my wrists! Take care of yourself!
I guess you are already doing what you can, there isn't much more : work on strength, shapes (hollow, straight, arch), flexibility, trampoline, ankles strengthening.
Maybe ask you coach for different exercices on the trampoline or you'll get bored.

Be careful not to over-exercice while on pain-killers (actually I personally try not to exercice at all in that case).

When you come back, be careful to strengthen your wrists and, even then, try not to do too many handstands on the floor. Using a floor bar or parallettes makes it easier on the wrists for instance.
Arf, I missed the time-window for editing.
If you are interested in it, you could try turns and jumps. In competitive gymnastics, those are female moves only, which obviously should not stop you.
You could try a full turn on one leg, then a double or a single with leg held at horizontal... For jumps : jump with a half twist, full twist, tuck jump, pike jump, straddle jump if you are flexible enough...
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