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Mar 14, 2009
Hello! I am a new preschool to age 7 recreational gymnastics coach (although I have a daughter that is a competitive gymnast as well). While I know the basic drills and skills for this age group, I am hoping to get some new ideas for games in the gym for this age group or some web sites or books that you know of that have good ideas.


Oct 27, 2008
Colby, Kansas
HMMM I've got alot! I'll give you our newest one! I call it bars and beam
the kids start in the middle and I say beam they run one direction and when I say bars they run the other direction.
The other orders are like
The last person into those postions is out (you will neve see kids move so fast to get in the splits)
We also do partner handstands (one person handstands the other catches their feet)
Or bridge over water (one person bridges the other lays under them)
Or indian in a TEEPEE (two people V-sit with feet touching and one person sitting indian style under the TEEPEE)
The odd person out is out
And my favorite is COACH is coming The have to hold their salute till I say at ease I try to trick them by shouting out other things and getting them to move. If they move before you say at Ease they are out.

A few other easy ones:
We use fun noodles to Joust on the Balance beam
throwing sponges with their feet on the bars
Throwing balls or pom poms into baskets from the balance beam
relay races doing gymnastics moves
miss katrina may I Like mother may I but you tell them a move then they ask miss katrina may I which I either say yes or no and if they forget to ask they start over.
Pillow sack races down the tumble track

If you have any questions or want more just ask!


There are quite a few threads you might be able to find on the forum.

My friend and mentor has a book on gymnastics games out. In fact, I think he has one book and another video or maybe two books and videos (one focused at rec and one for compulsory kids).

Look up Matthew Miscisin. And no, I don't get anything out of it, though I know most of the games offhand and have the materials at gym or home.

There are a few more you may be able to find through a google search. I can vaguely remember seeing 2 others out there.
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