Gymnastics gifts?

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Oooo, good thread. I've spent the last hour or so looking for just that! I googled "gymnastics gifts" and there was tons, but here are some of the best:
GYMNASTICS LEOTARDS from DISCOUNT LEOTARDS Gymnastic leotard Discount Leotards Gymanastics & More - Home - has lots of do-dads like jewelry, stationary, ornaments, bags, and I just discovered the little bears (one brand is beamie bears) that commemorate things like levels, scores, skills, etc, and of course leos. - not as much, but a few things that are unique
Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies - this is a great site with TONS of stuff, all homemade (I've used this site lots over the years for non-gymnastics items). If you search for gymnastics, you'll find good quality homemade (or "elfmade" if you like) grip bags, doll leotards, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, etc.
My Happy Dance - some cute stocking stuffer things
GMR Gymnastics - Gymnastics Grips, Gymnastics Mats, Gymnastics Leotards - a popular one
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Thanks! I just went to Etsy and found a cute necklace made from a Scrabble tile! Now to go back and keep shopping! I've shopped ten-o before but was trying to find some 'different' stuff!! How many leotards do they really need?!! Or pajama bottoms?? or sweatshirts??!......
What about charm bracelets with bars,a spring, board a boombox (for floor music), a beam, a gymnast in a pose, and the olympic symbol charms. I have seen them before, but cant remember where. Sorry i'm not much help am I? :(
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