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Jun 25, 2014
While I have never posted anything, I have been lurking on this board for a bit ...we have had a crazy gymnastics week of highs and lows this week so it has prompted me to make my first post :)

A little about me- my DS 10 started gymnastics about 18 months...started just taking a rec class as the gym did really offer anything else for boys at the time. 4 months later they brought in a new boys coach to develop a boys program. DS was asked to join, although we really had no idea what we were getting into. What this coach has done in just over a year is nothing short of remarkable!!!!!! We currently have a L4 team with 17 boys, a pre-team of 12 boys and a freestyle acrobatics program (gymnastics, martial arts, parkour) with over 30 boys! The team had a great season ending with amazing results at states (DS was 1st on Floor and placed on all events- team won 1st overall). At every competition we attend, we always hear..."so many boys" and in reading this board, I am really starting to realize how unique it is that we have such a large program with focus on the boys. And it is still growing - they now have 3 male assistant coaches for the boys team and just had another second set of rings installed in the gym! Gymnastics has gone from being a side activity to the center of DS world! Not just for practice, but also socially. The team has bonded so well and there are always trips for ice cream, the movies, birthday/pool parties after practice. I am so happy that he has landed in this program, has wonderful coaches who I trust, has a great team and is excelling! Make me so proud :)

Yesterday, DS found out he is moving up to L5. He managed to squeak out a circle in the last competition of the season, but his mushroom is really rough and he thought this would hold him back. As you can imagine, he is so excited to be advancing- this was the high for the day! After practice, I had scheduled him for an appointment with an orthopedist as his knee has been bothering him on and off since March. Turns out, he has OCD in the knee and can do no high impact activities for at least 6-8 weeks! If the rest does not work, he will be immobilized with a brace for 3 months or may need surgery. He is devastated and I am really worried about his knee!!! I have done some research on OCD and it seems like it can be pretty serious and limiting. Does anybody have any experience with this condition and what is was like to come back from it?

Also, for those of you who have children with injuries, how have you handled practice? I have spoken with his coach and DS can continue to attend practice to condition his upper body (coach promised DS a 6 pack when this was done!). How much time should he spend at practice given that he can only condition? Because practice is the center of his social world, DS wants to continue to attend the full 12 hours a week, however, I wonder if watching his teammates practice tumbling (his favorite) while he sits to the side is really that good for him? Likewise, the team does have an out of town camp scheduled for the first week of August. DS will still be restricted, but wants to go to be with his team, travel, stay in the hotel with everyone, etc....What would you all do? Would you let him go to practice and camp even thought there is very little he can do...his coach is fine with either and said its up to us. He is the first of his teammates to really get any form of an injury so there is no past practice and this is all new to me!

Any insight all of you may have would be so appreciated!!!


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Jul 19, 2011
Region 9
Welcome to CB!! Glad you came out of lurk-dom! Sounds like your ds has been making great progress and i love hearing about boys' programs that are thriving!

My ds (12) hurt his shoulder pretty bad last April. Like your ds, gymnastics is his world. We took one week off, but then he was back at gym for full practices daily. Now, he could do almost nothing. He could bounce tramp and work tucks. He conditioned. He rode the bike. He did some minor weights. But he could do nothing on actual equipment. But yes, he did go everyday.

For the first couple of weeks, we would leave after about 1 1/2. Once he started being about to do pommel, support on p bars, he woudl stay a bit longer. He was back to full strength after about 8 weeks. He did go to camp.

I would say to talk to the coaches, and see if it makes sense. There is a lot they can do with him, especially since it is a lower body injury!
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Nov 18, 2011
Region 7
If a gymnast's going to break, lower body is the best place. Keep him in the gym and encourage him to work with his coaches to set up a conditioning program. He might not benefit from being there the whole time -- after all, there are only so many wall sits and hollow rocks and turns on the strap bar one can take for a full practice -- but it will keep him in the game and make him less depressed. He will learn from watching his teammates train. And he can do mushroom! All good thoughts, and I hope the time off resolves it completely.


Proud Parent
Aug 2, 2013
Well I have to say that injury helped my son to get ahead of other boys. As crazy as it sounds. Conditioning and pommel circles did good for him. He actually got his love for pommel that so rare to find ib young gymnasts. As long as coach has right program for him and he loves gym he will be fine. Hang in there and support him.


Proud Parent
Jan 12, 2014
We have no experience with injuries (DS is only 6yo), but it seems to me the only limits he will have are with floor and vault, right? It sounds like the perfect opportunity to get some extra practice on the mushroom. I don't see any reason why he should be sitting around just watching. I'd call the camp and find out how they handle tumbling restrictions. I hope he heals quickly!


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2012
Sorry he has that! I have a daughter who was injured this past season (Osgood Schlatters in the knee). She went to practice at first with the brace. In December she had a severe exacerbation and was totally unable to walk. For two weeks she stayed out of gym completely because she was just too acute to do anything at all. She came back still on crutches but stayed the full time from then on. Four weeks later she was back to normal practicing and competing, with the help of a PT. It is very isolating for the kid and parent to go thru an injury and be so out of the loop. I guess if I were in your situation I would try to keep him at practice as much as possible for the social aspects of it. It's harder for you because he is the first on his team with an injury. At our gym every other month or so we see random kids on crutches or with a brace or something, so for my daughter it helped her realize she's not the only one.

One other thing, just wanted to ask if you're taking him to a sports doc who is familiar with treating gymnasts? The right doctor can make a big difference. Obviously OCD is a serious condition but I feel like it's good for the doctor to be aware of the fact that he's an athlete and all that comes along with that (the need to get back asap, the need to prevent atrophy/instability from occurring, etc). Did you ask whether physical therapy would be of any help? It was an absolute life saver for us. Good luck, wish you both the best.


I saw you mentioned the OSD, my bad.

In that case, there are still 4 other MAG events. No dismounts and landings though you can probably get away with cartwheels, lots of handstand work, and back extension rolls down a wedge or from a seated pike on floor.

Deleted member D3987

an unfortunate consequence, but one that won't stop or interrupt his training. he's a boy. no vault or tumble or hard landings. no big deal. 4 events and conditioning for the next few weeks. even the surgery is no big deal anymore. again, an unfortunate consequence if it doesn't heal. he'll be fine. :)


Proud Parent
Jun 25, 2014
Thanks everyone for the have made me feel much better! He is been taking the next two weeks off for some vacation time which was planned before the injury...however, when we return he will be back at practice!
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