Gymnastics in the summer???

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:)Hey guyssssss!
I was just wondering what everyone's summer gymnastics plans are and how they are coming? :D


In the summer, I usually practice either Monday or Wednesday, and most Fridays. But my sis has softball a lot right now, and people keep asking me to take on additional substituting classes on Friday, so I've hardly been to practice at all. The ok part is that I can always come in early/stay late for teaching gym classes, and I also 'work' open gym(which really means supervise the average of two kids who come) so I haven't missed out too much; I just miss structured practice.


In the summer I practice 5 days a week, fun! I usually go 9-1:30 on weekdays but on some wednesdays we go 9:30 to 1 then come back 3 to 7. I love wednesdays though because during our 2 hour break we just hang out and sometimes walk to the gas station with the subway and subway is my favorite! haha, im all about food:) We usually have the gym to ourselves in the afternoon so its always fun to workout and we have no distractions(none of the little kids screaming/running around getting in our way) so it's a much better learning environment. So summer has been going good so far, except for the mornings where I just won't wake up so I miss practice. Oops!
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