For Parents Gymnastics is a funny sport...State meet report

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Mrs. Puma

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Sep 23, 2014
Syracuse, NY
Yesterday was USAIGC States for Puma Jr. It was the first meet (besides two in house meets that were sanctioned) she‘s competed in almost 18 months. She broke her ankle in January 2020, then her wrist in December 2020, and that whole pandemic thing lol. Her main level, USAIGC Silver (L6/7ish) was first and she had an ok for her bar routine which place third, an ok for her floor routine for her which placed fifth, her best Silver beam which didn’t place. (She’s actually getting there with vault for those of you who know her vault woes lol It didn’t place, but looked pretty good for her). It was her best AA Silver score, but only good enough for 6th, which is the worst she‘s ever placed at IGC States. But then her specialist session... in USAICG they can compete one or two events on the next level up in addition to the four on their main level, so she does IGC Gold (L8ish) bars too. She had a terrible Gold bar routine! Smashed her feet on the ground after her pirouette, almost didn’t go over on her giants which never happens, and took a big step on her landing??!! uggg!!! I felt awful for her. And she was the first kid to go. So one awful routine, then sat there for three hours....I was proud of her for being a good sport though. But then awards...there were only three kids in her group, and I absolutely expected her to be DFL. (scores weren’t online and tough to see on the wall) But somehow she won??? I was shocked. Chuckled quietly to the moms I was with. So technically, Puma Jr is USAICG 13/14 yr old NYS Gold Uneven Bar Champ (insert laughing and face palm and shoulder shrugging emojis) I guess we’ll take it! Crazy sport....
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