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Are you going to a camp or have you been to one?​

Tell us about it!​

I went to woodward PA a last year and it was truly an INCREDIBLE experience for both me, my teammates, and my coaches for bonding experiences. You could get to be in the gym for up to 8 hours a day and access to anything! The food was great and they had many activities including ninja course, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, water slide, a pool, and horseback riding. You also get to meet many famous gymnasts.l last year it was Aly Raisemen
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My daughter will be going to her first camp this year. We chose one at University of Michigan because she’s a huge U of M fan and I thought it would be fun for her to train in their gym and meet some of the gymnasts. Hope it’s fun for her, we have no idea what to expect!
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Don't forget to tell us what summer camps you have been to or are attending. We want to hear about them.​

Hi all - my L8 girl had a great June! First, at FlipFest, where she was able to be mentored by Trinity Thomas (for the 2nd year, actually) which she simply LOVED. Trin is wonderful with the kids, and they learned a bunch from her too. FF offered a broad camp experience, with a private lake, (tubing, swimming, and jetskis, I believe) ropes course, a giant swing, fun themed camp dances and skit shows, hikes, etc. They had a blast.
Then, we headed to Champaign for Illinois' Elite Camp, which had a mental skills and training focus. Also a great experience. Staying in the dorms, goal-setting with coaches and current athletes, and some fun thrown in too.
We were able to compare notes with our friends, who had attended Oklahoma's camp last summer, and this one, and they felt this had a more enjoyable level of intensity than OK's (though they were 10/11 yo which may have something to do with that) They also liked the sleepover element here. Anyway, two great experiences for us, and she came back with significant progression on an upgraded skill - yay, bonus!
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