Gymnastics SuperStars..Here I come!

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Just confirmed our Tickets to the Gymnastics SuperStars Tour and Booked a hotel room. :)

I'm sooo excited. All three of my favorite gymnasts will be there! (Nastia, Chellsie, and Shayla, in case you were wondering!)

I'm not exactly sure about Shayla, with her leg and all, but on the website under 'Cast' it says Shayla Worley, so if she is there, that'd be awesome.

Also, Ashley Postell?! Haha, that's a little random. :p Maybe they take one of the top collegiate gymnasts? I don't know, but It'll be my second time seeing her, because I got to see her at the NCAA championships this year. That was cool. She's a great gymnast.

Anybody else going?


Are you coming to Atlanta? We'll be there! We got tix for DD's b-day.


I got tickets for my B-day and my friend and I are going together. We haven't stopped talking about it since! She is in love with the Hamms and is so psyched, even though she doesn't do gym.
I'm going to the Greenville, S.C. show. :)

I was going to go to Atlanta, seeing as my Grandparents live there, but with gas nowadays, we decided Greenville would be the better bet.

Gracefulone....I like the Hamms, too. I prefer Paul a little bit more than Morgan, though.

My favorite male gymnast is Horton. And Sasha. I loooove Sasha.


We got tickets to the show in Nashville!! We are making a girls weekend out of it! Too Cool!!
Aug 26, 2008
You all are LUCKY!!!!!! I SO want to go. But we can't afford tickets and my parents can't get time off work! :( I would LOVE to go! So sad....:melodramatic::bawling::weepy::sigh::(
Feb 8, 2008
I'm working on sucking up to my parents so we can go to St. Paul! They have never seen any gymnastics in person above level 7 and I have only gotten to see the Visa Championships in 2006.


I just found out its in Millwaukee and I told my mom they would be AMAZING for my birthday! So I have my fingers crossed for now because she's calling tomarrow! :D:p


My mom ordered the tickets on Friday and I'm so excited! They will be a great birthday present! I'm going to the one in Milwaukee! Can't wait 'till November 13th! :D
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