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Superstar Tour on TV tonight 9/26

Check your local listings for 8:00 tonight. It's suppose to be on TV.


Superstars tour....

We went on September 20th. It was really good except that the band played too much and they were too loud.:eek:

Nastia, Shawn, Chellsie and Shayla were at our show as well as the mens Olympic team. You'll have a BLAST!

Hi, Gymbratsmommy, I was at that show in Anaheim as well, and it was amazing! I fully agree with your take on the music - too much of it, and too loud, especially towards the end. (I'm also a jazz musician of over 30 years, so it was especially painful to my ears, hahaha :eek:;)). It was indeed a total blast! :D


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
We went to the show and it was great. I agree that the music was too loud and too much, my DD and her 3 friends would disagree. LOL. I didn't like that they didn't announce on the screen who was up performing, that was irritating. I also wish they would have had 2 big screens flanking the stadium with close-ups of the gymnasts performing. With what we paid, they could have made that happen. Not sure if that was just at our arena though. Could have been a local thing.

Overall, we had a blast. The girls were all awestruck and they had so much fun seeing the gymnasts. :D I loved the guys the most. They really got into it and were awesome.
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