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hope shantz

Jan 3, 2022
tHis is a place where we can just talk about anything including gymnastics, and life.

First question is: What is your favorite event and why?

Mine would be floor because I enjoy to tumble and upbeat dance.


Oct 24, 2009
The 'Wood, Ohio
I love almost everything about gymnastics.
My favorite event is whatever one my girls aren't frustrated about, lol.
I love (DP and Xcel Optional Levels) floor and vault.

As a (mostly) self-taught gymnast, I didn't really have access to much actual equipment. In middle school gym class, I had access to a low beam. I taught myself a cartwheel on the beam, a roundoff on the beam and off the end of the beam, a handstand, and a handstand to a bridge on the beam. The only problem with the bridge was that I couldn't kick over, so I was technically "stuck." I would do a tiny hop with my feet and put one on each side of the beam. Then I would sit down on the beam to get up, lol.

I did have a cousin (beam specialist for her high school team in the early 1980s) that tried to teach me an aerial ... on the concrete edge of her parents' raised planter bed in front of their porch. :eek:o_O:eek:o_O
I knew that would be unsafe for me to even try.
I told her I couldn't even do a 1-handed cartwheel at the time.
I did learn the 1-handed cartwheel 3 months later on my own.

Gymnastics is one of only 2 sports that I tried that did NOT result in a concussion.

rlm's mom

Proud Parent
Aug 21, 2021
Depends on whether you're asking my favourite event or my DD's! Oldest daughter would say bars, middle daughter will say floor and youngest probably bars too but only when her giants are having a good day!
And I think mine is floor bc I like to see my daughters enjoying themselves and showing their characters.
I did gymnastics as a kid and had quite similar equipment to the ones we have today (besides the vault of course). I enjoyed learning new skills on all apparatuses, I think my favourite changed each year!

Deleted member 26368

I also like the dance and tumbling aspects of floor. I'm a huge music lover, so I love hearing different floor music and seeing how each gymnast's routine is choreographed. This also makes me glad DD is in a gym that doesn't do compulsory levels, because that music would make me insane. ;)

I also find the technical skills (and courage) required for bars to be fascinating. It's terrifyingly beautiful to watch!


Staff member
Gold Membership
Proud Parent
Club Owner / Manager
Jan 4, 2008
Floor fur sure, it’s so versatile, there is so much you can do.

The choreography can be so individual and show a gymnasts real personality and style.

And the skills are so transferable. Once they stop gymnastics the skills they learn on the other apparatus are likely never performed again. And usually never seen outside the gym.

Floor can be taken out of the gym and showcased in other ways.


Proud Parent
May 19, 2020
I loved competing vault. I love watching my daughter on vault (her best event). For college and elite I love watching floor and bars.


Proud Parent
Dec 22, 2016
Bars was my favorite event when I did gym....although I always enjoyed making up floor routines. My DDs fav event is Bars too. My favorite to watch is also bars. I think floor has become a little too much pose pose pose tumble pose leap series pose lol College floor has more personality though. I hated beam and so does my daughter.


Feb 16, 2021
Beam is my favorite event to watch, something about the rythym, grace, and strength shown when gymnasts have mastered their routine is incredibly captivating for me. My favorite event to practice is bars, but I hate competing it due to the variation of equipment. My favorite event to compete is floor.


Proud Parent
Jan 31, 2012
The car
Bars is my favorite to watch, was my favorite as a kid in rec gym, and is my daughter's favorite. I also enjoy watching beam but not when it's my own child.

I cannot stand watching vault. Not my kid or anyone else's.


Proud Parent
Sep 13, 2016
I love watching bars and college floor routines. My DD’s favorite apparatus to train is bars but her favorite to compete is floor. Watching beam makes me nervous, even when it’s not my DD competing on it.
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