Gymnastics Teacher Checklist!

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Are you ready for Fall Classes? *Here's a checklist to remind you of what to do before class starts. *Share it with all the teachers.
[h=2]GET READY...[/h]_____Read the Lesson Plan
_____Read all handouts for the week
_____Walk through the set up in the gym
_____See what you would alter or challenge for your specific classes
_____Get your welcome area ready
_____Communicate with other teachers about rotations
_____Check equipment for safety (t handles, spaces between mats, etc.)
_____Look the part of a professional (Dress appropriately, no jewelry, gum, etc)
[h=2]GET SET...[/h]_____Greet everyone at the welcome area
_____Introduce yourself to children and parents
_____Call each child by name
[h=2]GO....[/h]_____Start class on time, don't wait for latecomers
_____Recognize each child during the warm up
_____Keep all children in view all the time
_____Individualize your teaching to challenge each child
_____Spot, assist, touch each child
_____Visit with parents after class
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