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Hii. I'm not a parent im a 14 year old gymnast. I wanted to get some opinions from other parents because sadly my gymnastics life is starting to end because of my mom. My mom doesnt support me doing gymnastics. At first she just signed me up because I was doing it with my friend; just for fun right? But then as i started continuing it; i started liking it MORE AND MORE. I'm at the point where i love it now and its just a major part of my life. Oh yeah; by the way im the kind of sports person. I LOVE playing sports; and when i say LOVE .. i mean LOVE as in it's my life. Anyways, my mom doesnt understand my love for sports. She keeeps on putting my dreams of competing at the next level out of reach. I HATE it. Today i was doing my usual routine on the trampoline; and then all i hear from her is why are you doing that... stop pretending that your a gymast.. you're going to hurt yourself one day. I mean i know that shes looking out for me in a way but in another way; I have a strong feeling that she just doesnt want me doing it :eek:. It hurts knowing that your mom and parents are putting your dreams and hopes down and instead of encouraging you. I've been told my some coaches that i have potential and the spirit to be a great gymnast; but have been torn down by my mom. Im actually really sad and cant stand it no longer. I just wanna prove to her that its not just something i do; its something that I LOVE; as well. Please help me. What do you think that i should do to try to convince her to stay longer at the gym? :confused:


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Jan 4, 2008
There could be a few reasons why your mum is feeling this way. Gymnastics is a big committment for parents aswell. It costs a lot of money for you to do higher levels of training and there is a lot of time spent taking you to and from training and competitions. She may have been happy for you to do it, when she felt it was just a recreational thing but is not willing to make the extra committment. If you think this is the reason, why not sit down with her and talk about things you can do around the home to save her some time, since doing the extra gym will mean taking more time. She will see how committed you are by doing this.

Another thing for parents can be the fear that you will get hurt, many parents pull their kids out of gym because of the fear of injury. She may also have heard stories about high levels of gymnastics causing other problems like anorexia, not getting enough time for study, stunting your growth. Most of these are rumours that fly around about the sport but are not as common as some people believe.

Really the only way is to sit down and ask her how she feels about your gymnastics. Explain to her that you love it and are willing to work hard to achieve in the sport and see what she says.
Aug 3, 2007
I wanted to say that I feel so badly for you and your situation. Gymnastics is so expensive, and yes, there are risks involved, which may be why your mom wants to hold you back. I admire your spirit. I have a very talented 14 year old gymnast, and I wish she had half the passion you have. I would move heaven and earth to make it happen for her, but she is content to just enjoy gymnastics as a small part of her life, and that's it. I suppose that's good that she wants to be well rounded, but she has so much potential that isn't being used. As parents, we do for our children what we feel is best. My daughter wants to go her own route, and I need to let her. Your mom, apparently wants you to concentrate on other things that fall among the safety net she has set for you. Good luck, and hopefully you two can compromise and meet halfway.


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
I think that you should try to sit down and talk to your mom. Maybe ask for a girls afternoon out - shopping, lunch. Try to let her know that you understand her concerns - that it is expensive, long hours, some travel to meets, chances that you could get hurt. Then try to explain to her (w/o getting defensive - if possible !!) how gymnastics makes you FEEL, what you love about it. Explain that you and your coaches will do everything possible to keep you from getting hurt. Explain the amount of time spent stretching and conditioning and that these things go a long way in preventing injuries. Tell her that you can't promise you won't have an injury but that you will listen to your coaches and never try to pull a trick alone that you are not ready for.

Also, let her know that if $ is a concern, that if you do need to miss out on some meet because your parents simply cannot afford it that you will understand and not get upset w/ her. That all you really want is her love and support and for her to be proud of all your hard work - whether or not you become a great gymnast, or just an average one - but a very happy one.

I will pray for you.
Jan 2, 2008
Bay City, MI
Gymnastics is a very expensive sport too be in. Not many ordinary parents can exactally afford everything, so a group of us parents are raising money to keep the expense down. I make my daughter help in these efforts, when she gets her allowance she saves it for new leos, when there is a fundraiser she is rite there to do it! I am sure if you talk to your parents and tell them exactally how you feel things will be different! Good Luck
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