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Jan 17, 2023
Hello, does anyone have any tips on how to wear glasses while doing gymnastics? I am severely nearsighted, and practically blind without my glasses. I did it for a while without them, but I don’t want to risk getting hurt because of my poor eyesight. I have tried to get contacts, but after the appointment wear you practice putting them in, I realized contacts were not going to work for me, at least not until I feel ready. Whenever I wear my glasses to practice they continually slide or fall off, and wearing them on trampoline is simply not an option. Should I just push through and force myself to try contacts again, or is there anything that could keep my glasses in place?
Thanks in advance!
I used to coach a girl who had a strap for her glasses and it worked great. Her mom even customized it with the gym's name and colors for meets. It was super cute.
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You can get straps of lots of colors and materials depending on your needs. You can also get sports glasses that are extremely sturdy and made with a prescription. I wear contacts now, but here's a picture of an old pair of mine:


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If you really don't want glasses, keep trying with the contacts. It feels really weird at first, but you get used to putting them in. It took me a couple weeks of trying when I first got contacts as a kid.
Definitely this! I first got contacts when I was 8, it was definitely a learning curve. The same thing happened when I got a different type of contact at 14.
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My daughter uses a strap. As long as the strap is reasonably tight the glasses stay on. It is also is important to make sure the glasses are properly fitted. Properly fitted glasses should stay on even when you are up-side-down. Morgan Hurd (former world champion, now at Florida I think) has glasses, so you are in good company!
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