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Ok you get a I get that there is gymnastics for collage and how do you get a Scholarship from it??? What level does collage gymnastics start?? I’m 14 so do you think I could make the collage gymnastics level because in a freshmen in high school??
Level 9's can sometimes go to smaller schools. Schools like SEC and Big 10 you need to be an L 10 for 2 yrs or more or an elite to get a scholly. I would say it depends on what level you are as a freshmen. If you are not already and 8 or 9 it would be hard.
I know for a fact that to even be considered for a Scholarship by the UGA Gymdogs, you HAVE to be an Elite or Qualify to JO Nationals as Level 10.

Suzanne has told me that before, and it is somewhere on
I agree. It is hard to get a scholarship as a Level 9 but it can be done to some of the smaller schools or those that are typically ranked lower. Most of the level 9s are also walk ons at schools. The easiest way to get a scholarship is to be a level 10 or elite for multiple years and make it to Level 10 JO Nationals. Going to Level 9 East/West Nationals would definitely help! I wrote a book called Gymnastics in a Nutshell that should be out this spring and there is an entire chapter devoted to collegiate gymnastics, how to get a scholarship, and what to expect. I went to NC State on a scholarship and just graduated a couple of years ago. Let me know if you have any other questions I can help with.
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