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Feb 4, 2022
so i am 13 and havent done gymnastics since covid. i did USAIGC copper 2 about to be bronze but now theres a gym near me that does excel . in igc i was training 4 hours a week. i would want to do excel gold. the gym i want to go to is called brag. i went for a trial class about a year ago and it was a tad too demanding for me. they were goin to put me in gold but we declined. i tried a different gym near me a weeek ago but the gym was really old and deppressing. i want to go back to brag but my mom wont let me. i have been conditioning at home, do gymnastics at home and sky zone. stretching, and using couch cussions as mats. i do lots of tumbling at sky zone, i have my front full into the pit. i dont know what to do and i need to do it with every being in me
I'm sorry it sems like a struggle to get back to the gym. Hopefully you can convince your mom to let you give your old gym another try and hopefully you are offered another invitation to do Xcel gold. As a parent of a near 13-year-old kid, I will tell you that unless an activity is convenient and affordable for us (meaning we can carpool or it is within 15-20 minutes of our home), my kid would need to really show me that she will commit to it whole-heartedly for me to agree if she already decided against it once. So maybe you should ask you mom specifically why she will not let you go back and have ready at your fingertips your reply. Explain why you want this so badly, why you did not want to do it in the past, and how you have changed so that she feels confident that you are serious about it, even if it is higher demand.
Ok update: my dad works over seas in Iraq (not military) and I talked to him And my mom about it. He has been on and off, there and home but he is retiring in April. He said I can start again in April So that my mom isn’t doing Work, droping and picking me up from school, dropping and picking me up at practice and more. I talked separately about that with my mom and she said it is no big deal and that she doesn’t mind doing all that. I then talked t9 my dad and he still wouldn’t budge. I really don’t want to wait till April. My dad is super stubborn tho. Idk what to do please please help with ideas i would really appreciate it.
If you’re mom and you are on the same page, then your mom needs to talk to him. He’s probably trying to save her the extra work and is being considerate since all the extra work is on her until he gets back