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Dec 8, 2007
gymnastmom96 Proud Parent

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Leos and a Gymnast's Body
Maybe someone can relate - I just need to vent. I hate when leo companies don't use real gymnast in thier ads. Most gymnast are not built like other little girls - wider chest and small narrow hips. My dd found a leo online and fell in love with it. Nothing fancy but still really pretty and better yet - on sale! The top was "halter" cut. I had a bad feeling about it because of my dd's wings. ****WINGS - for newby gym moms - about lvl 6 or so when they start working giants, the lat muscles develop (even more) and her chest gets wider-looks like wings. ****
She was so excited with it came in and tried it on. We both looked at each other and burst out laughing. She looked like a mini American Gladiator! The cut out shoulders accentuated her broad shoulders and cut arms. She was always a tall and thin child, built more like a rhythmic gymnast until she started working giants. That is the absolute last time we buy a leo like that.

I thought I would post this here so everyone could reply to it, but I can totally relate. I have definitely have muscles. Its so hard to buy shirts because I have to buy bigger sizes to fit my arms in it . lol. I think we gymnast should be proud of how we are built. I have no hips but i'm wider across the top because my shoulders are huge lol
Mar 5, 2008
I laughed out loud on this. My daughter is a level 8, and i know all about the "wings". My dd is so tiny, but built entirely like a gymnast. She makes fun of herself in some clothes all the time. She thinks she looks like a man (mind you she is a child's size 8). BUT, with the chest and huge arms.....its crazy! And, don't let me mention the thighs that don't fit in jeans! Especially with the little narrow hips that need the smaller size, and the thighs bulge! Thanks for making me laugh, and I agree that the leotard companys should try them on true gymnasts!


Leo's and Gymnast's bodies

Hi everyone,

My daughter is level 4, 7 yrs. old -Child Small. I find that b/c of her tiny frame she can fit all leo's at the moment. I find it interesting that later on her wings will cause future fitting problems. :( I see it happening a tiny bit now with her shirts, especially the long sleeved ones.

1.What leotard companies are the best suited for accomodating gymnasts muscular development after they grow out of Child-Large?

2.Which companies don't fit so well?

Thanks so much, looking forward to all the experienced gym moms and gymnast's out there!
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