Gyms Losing Money On Team?

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Jan 4, 2008
Aurgh I can't beleive people consider gymnastics to be a money pit. Considering the costs of running a team program gymnastics is ridiculously cheap. Most average competitive gymnasts train 10-25 hours a week, the cost per hour for these kids is generally a 1/2 to a 1/3 of what most parents would pay for an activity doing just an hours or so a week. Gyms hardly ever make a profit on their team programs because no parent could afford to pay what it really should cost per hour.

Whats more we need a very low athlete to coach ratio to ensure safety and effectiveness of training. But most of all the cost of the equipment in the gym is incredibly high, just the mats are thousands of dollars each not to mention sprung floors, beams, bars, vaults, beat borads, pits, tumble traks, trampolines, training shapes, the amount of expensive equipment needed is incredible.

These gyms are not making a fortune off dedicated team parents, most gyms are losing money from their teams which has to be made up in their recreational programs
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