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Hair and Deductions?

Discussion in 'Gymnast Forum' started by Nin-Jia, Jan 8, 2018.

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  1. ChalkBucket Hair

    Hi all,

    So I had some questions about hair, how to do it, and what the deductions are... keep in mind that my hair is long (to the middle of my back) and pretty thin. My gym does not require a certain style, just up and out of your face.

    My first question is how I should style it. Last year I did ponytail with braids into a braided bun. My mom is hopeless with hair and dad too so I have to do my own hair each meet. Last year, the bun took forever to do and I loaded win lots of pins hairspray and gel. The bun was heavy and a pain to do and the products gave me a headache. I’m wondering what I should do now. I’ve been doing two pigtailed braids but my hairs getting too long to leave them like that or they whap me in the face when I tumble...

    Any ideas?

    This also leads to my next question. What are the deductions for hair? At practice I do a simple high ponytail and then braid he end of it. My coaches are always nagging me to put it in a bun because it hits me in the face during practically everything.... mostly bars and vault though. My coaches also mentioned being deducted if my hair touched an apparatus. Is this true? If so what would the deduction be?

    Thanks for any help in advance!
  2. Over here there are no deductions for hair that I know of but I am not sure how it is in the US.
    As for hairstyles I like to do my hair into a dutch braided headband using 2 braids and a side part if that makes sense, then I put it in a high ponytail with two hairties, split the ponytail into two sections, braid each then wrap to create a braided bun. I have found that 2 braids in the ponytail works better and tighter for me, especially because even though my hair is not layered there are pieces of different lengths so 2 braids in the bun make it sleeker. My hair is about 20ish centimetres past shoulder length, wavy and thin, but I have lots of it.
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  3. Thanks
    At meet before my hair has touched the apparatus and I assume I wasn’t deducted much because I still scored pretty high. I will try doing that with my hair for practice tonight. I have a meet this weekend so hopefully it works ...
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