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Jul 26, 2008
With dd's first meet next weekend, I read all the posts I could find about hair. And started messing around. Poor dd, she hates having her hair up, says it pulls & hurts, but whatever.

Our problem is she has thick, poker straight, slippery hair. Think Barbie, only worse (cuz I could get Barbie's hair to stay in a braid!!). I have yet to find elastics that actually stay in, and I think I've tried every hair elastic known to mankind. Braids don't work - look like I've braided straw together.

I guess I will have to resort to copious amounts of gel and hope like heck she doesn't fall on her head or she may be permanently stuck to the mats!!

Question for those of you who have been doing gym hair for a while - our gym has no specific requirements for how their hair is to be done, just that it is up. Do you think just pulling the front part up would be okay? If so, I could cut her hair a bit shorter (it's just above shoulders now) and maybe make it work that way.

And to think I've always loved her hair because it's EASY! Just goes perfectly with a quick brush! LOL
Feb 26, 2007
It should be tied up if it is long enough to flop around near her face.. My little one has a short bob and she will have two tiny pigtails, and some matching clips.

Instaed of gell you could try hair sculpting cream, Alberto makes one in a little blue jar, it makes the hair thicker and keeps it in place, but it doesn't go hard. It also gives the elastics something to grip on. With some sparkles it looks fine.
Jul 12, 2007
For dance, dd's school insisted on ION spray gel - found at Sally's Beauty Supply for about $6. It is thin enough to spray with no problems, but thick enough to hold forevah!

All hair is required to be up in a bun for class and recital, and everyone from long to the shortest of short (even with bangs) can be pulled back and secured using this gel.

I love it, we use it DAILY for dd's hair (I swear I use 2 bottles per month for dance, school and gym) and her hair is in great shape. It does not create white flakes and lasts hours. Worth giving it a try... I spray, spray, spray until it is wet, comb it back to a nice sleek pony, secure with any band, and then braid or just secure it into a bun or pony tail.

For dance recital all of the dancers have to also add a hair piece (also found at Sally's) that is a curly bun so they are all uniform, and even short haired girlies end up with a pretty full bun.
Oct 16, 2008
I always dampen the hair before doing anything. Making it wet or not too wet. I use a sculpting cream as well. My my daughter was in the lower levels, I would make a low pony tail using the bands with the grips on them. The low pony tail would work because it wouldn't bother her when she would do her rolls.

Then I would make little braids. (Depending on how much hair you have, you could have 5 or 10). Then secure it to the pony tail with another band then add the scrunchy. You could wrap it like a bunn or just loop it.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Don't get so stressed with the hair that you miss enjoying the meet!! Hair must be pulled back from the face unless its really short----have seen a few girl with very short hair get away with some clips to keep the hair in place. Buns are basic, but I really don't like little ones with buns---makes them look too old and they can come undone. Plus many kids find them uncomfortable when doing any back/forward rolls on floor and even on vault.

My gymmie has VERY straight fine hair. We pull it back into a pony and then do foam rollers overnight. She needs about 10 hours of "curl time" for her hair to have any chance at looking something other than straight! Also use a spray from Sallys to help hold the curl. It certainly isn't the fanciest hairstyle, but it works and they aren't judged on best or worst hair anyway(good for mine since she'd probably get about a 5.0!).

Oh yes, she also puts clips on top and clips under the pony to keep her hair looking flat and to keep the "whispies" in.
Jul 12, 2007
Oh I love the buns! I always think the little girls look so sweet. :D

As far as positioning and being uncomfortable - this can be true... BUT I have recently discovered sewing the bun into the hair instead of using bobbie pins not only holds and looks gorgeous, but you can position it high and it is not even the least bit uncomfortable.
Jul 26, 2008
Don't get so stressed with the hair that you miss enjoying the meet!! Hair must be pulled back from the face unless its really short

LOL No worries there!! I think I'll just go pick up some of the sculpting gels mentioned earlier and give both a try for her practices this week - see which works better on her head.

The elastics I prefer to use in hair are the ones with the metal clasp made by Goody. unfortunately I can't ever FIND those around here, so I have to beg my mom to bring them down from canada when she visits! LOL

Anyway - thanks to everyone for the help! much appreciated!
Aug 2, 2008
east coast
How do you sew the buns onto their hair? My gymnasts always ahve droopy buns so I'd love some more details (pictures?) on how to do that. Thank you!
Feb 26, 2007
Sew, what agh???? I do buns on the gym girls all the time and have never heard of sewing.

Educate me now......

I gel/wax the hair and then put it into a high pony tail with two tight elastics, after that I gel/wax the pony tail and brush it holding it above their heads, I then twist the pony tail, it naturally will form a bun then, I secure it with an elastic or two and then add more gel and hairspray. Add a scrunchy and some sparkles. I have never had a bun fail yet.

Check out my album for a few hair ideas.
Sep 27, 2007
My dd has slippery, fine and straight hair---not too much of it either. She likes a ponytail and I am so glad b/c I am not sure I could attempt anything else. I put a ton of gel and then get started with the ponytail. We use the rubberbands by Goodies that are small, clear and plastic---they are called Ouchless I believe. Think rubberbands for braces... they seem to hold her hair up and they can get tight enough to keep her hair in the rubberband. After that we spray the heck out of it. Sorry I can't offer more---I vote for staying simple!
Jul 12, 2007
How do you sew the buns onto their hair? My gymnasts always ahve droopy buns so I'd love some more details (pictures?) on how to do that. Thank you!

1st I put hair into a high pony, and braid my dd's hair.

Then with yarn (similar to hair color.), & a sewing or yarn needle (My favorite needles are the children's learn to sew needles. Plastic and not too big or small... ) I circle the hair into a bun, and then just sew in and out so that the hair is secured to the base of her head. The key is to make sure every circle is secured. It does not hurt, and lasts for an entire meet :D

It takes me about 20 minutes from start to finish. I will do pics or video in a few days. It really is so simple, and awesome for compulsory level gymnasts with back x rolls, and handstand fwd rolls etc.


The PERFECT Bun - how to cheat

For the perfect bun, they now have foam foundations that are so simple to do. I can't figure out how to get a picture on this reply, so here is a link to my photo album. The Chalk Bucket - nw ohio gymmom's Album: New Level, New Gym -- 2008-2009 Season I have a photo of how I did my daughter's hair and where to find the foam bun foundations. This hair-do literally took me now more than 5 minutes, even with doing the braids.


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Jul 12, 2007
nw ohio gymmom you can also use a sock to make the little donut for the bun - I use these all of the time as well, but just not for gym because it won't stay secure for me... you just cut a hole off of the toe, and then roll the sock up. I like this because you can custimize it to the size that you need :)
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I tried the foam bun thing for DD's first meet but it did not work out well at all. It started pulling away from her head during the meet so that her bun was very, very floppy by the end. After that, I started braiding her ponytail and wrapping that into a bun instead. Though I must say, I LOVE the sewing idea. Might have to try that one.


Just make sure the scrunchie around the bun is in really good. A few years ago at dd's level 5 state meet her scrunchie popped off on her 2nd bhs - oops :rolleyes:
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