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Sep 19, 2008
I'm in the process of making mine. I will be Starbuck from BSG, who is pretty much my favorite character EVER. After seeing the awful costume selection, I've decided to wade into the world of cosplay and make my own! Her flightsuit is a little too advanced for my newbie sewing skills, so I'm going for this look:

My daughter wants to be a genie, and my son is going to be Darth Vader
I'm recycling the costume I wore earlier this year to Otakon:

(Note that I've replaced the hat and tunic with much more authentic versions -- and I've ordered chain mail, which will hopefully arrive before halloween)
Linsul that chick even looks like you! Can't wait to see the pics! GT that Link costume is awesome.

I am too British for all this silly stuff, so I just eat the candy!!!
GT that costume is awesome!! I'm going to take a closer look when I get home, on my phone in the Target parking lot right now. I scored great Starbuck pants, I'm very excited! Bog, i'm so glad you think I look like her! One thing that's not so great is I have to keep my hair blonde and I was ready to be done and go back to red. Oh well bring on the bleach, totally worth it!
You're at TARGET, I am JEALOUS!!!!!! I love that place and the nearest one is a long drive and a border crossing away!

You only have to be blonde for one more month!
Ok now that I'm home and can see GT's costume in all it's glory, it's totally fantastic. You can see the upgrades vs a mass produced costume for sure. It's pretty cool that you can get chain mail, is it hugely expensive? Your ears look really good too, those can look cheesy if not done right but yours look legit. 2 thumbs up, totally con worthy!

Bog I love Target too! There's a Starbucks in the one near me, so I was all about the pumpkin spice latte while tearing through racks!

Sunobo, every time I see 'Starbuck' elsewhere I freak out, especially the girly roles. I love her!

This is my costume so far, it's an iphone pic with a REALLY bright light behind me so the color is a bit off:

I need to alter the shirts, already have the boots, and am looking for her dogtags. I pulled the pants up pretty high I just realized lol! They're a tad big so they sit low, but it wont be a problem with the belts. I ordered these 2 off amazon for a better price than the lame costume ones cost!

Amazon.com: UTG Heavy Duty Web Belt - Black: Sports & Outdoors

Amazon.com: Deluxe Black Nylon Swat Belt: Clothing

I need the tags still, but couldn't find them :mad: a friend sent me a link though thankfully!
Battlestar Galactica K. Thrace Screen Accurate Dog Tags - eBay (item 380271347067 end time Oct-20-10 19:56:50 PDT)

It's coming together, and even if it's not perfect...it's still infinity times better than the terribad mass produced sham costume! pleather and polyester...blech! I'm not sure what I'm going to do about her tats yet though. Draw them? xfer paper from a tattoo parlor? Not sure yet.
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You will not believe this but my 5 year old daughter wants to wear a cheer costume from my husbands alma mater. The kicker is once she got this and tried it on she said she wants me to paint her face like a skull and put scars and blood on her face and arms. This must be why they call her Miss Personality at her gym! She really gets into this kind of stuff.
Ok now that I'm home and can see GT's costume in all it's glory, it's totally fantastic. You can see the upgrades vs a mass produced costume for sure. It's pretty cool that you can get chain mail, is it hugely expensive? Your ears look really good too, those can look cheesy if not done right but yours look legit. 2 thumbs up, totally con worthy!


The chain mail was only about $250 -- not as bad as I was expecting.

Here's another pic where you can see a few things in more detail:

I bought the shield, ocarina, boots, and bracers, online. I bought the sword at Animazement. I bought the hat at MAGfest. I made the tunic myself. And the "tights" are longjohns. The ears were a gift from a friend of mine (pixietricks, for anybody who happens to be an OCRemix fan). The gloves I bought at a gas station on the way to the convention and cut the fingers off when I got there.

Upgrades for halloween include chainmail and a new tunic, hat, and undershirt, all of which I bought online.
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Wow! Great costumes Linsul and GT!!! DD's ballet teacher is a very talented seamstress as well and often sews most of the ballet performance costumes for the shows. She also attends conventions throughout the year (MAGfest sounds familiar and may be one of the ones that she attends, but from her pics, the costumes end up being so creative and very extravagant!!)

We usually hit Party City or Target for the Halloween costumes each year. The kids haven't decided what they want to be yet. I figure its best to wait a bit so they don't suddenly decide to "change their minds" after the costume has already been purchased!!!
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I haven't dressed up in several years but this year I'm getting some pressure to go to a Halloween party which will require a costume. I'm totally clueless. Halloween isn't exactly one of my favorite holidays... But I'll keep an eye on this thread for ideas, you guys are much more creative than I am!
Last year, DH and I were Elvis and Priscilla Presley...I don't think we are going anywhere that requires a costume this year.

My dd wanted to be Taylor Swift from "Love Story"...after seeing the gown cost about $330 I said no. I paid $75 for a fairy costume for ballet recital, so...guess what she is going to be?...lol

My ds9-{sigh} every year he says he wants to be a pile of dirt (!) how on earth do you do that? leaves...I get that, but dirt!? so he's probably going to be a soldier or something easier.

My ds4 wants to be "Super Cruz" again. That's what he was last year.

My ds16 probably will opt out of costuming this year. If he does, it will be the first year ever that he hasn't dressed up!
Last year Alex was the corpse bride I have attached a picture of that costume.
This year she wants to do the whole poodle skirt thing BUT she also wanted to be dead again.....so I am in the process of making her costume...a dead 50's poodle skirt girl (not sure what else to call it). I will post a pic of it when I have it done!
My youngest DS is going to be Indiana Jones but I am having a hard time finding the jacket for a reasonable price!


  • ebay corpse bride.jpg
    ebay corpse bride.jpg
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I'm going to probably recycle something I already have. Right now the top contenders are:

Fire elemental (AKA fairy in orange, red, yellow, and black)
Elf-as-in Tolkein--if we're going by the phenotypes in the movie, Rivendellish.
Ninja-pirate hybrid
My younger self/a teenager/something like that

One of my gymnasts is dressing up as me, and I find this HILARIOUS.
DD8 is a vampiress and my little ones are a dragon and a dragon fly ..its as matchy matchy as i will let myself make them (twins :) )
Chain mail has arrived! Bwahahaha, this be one truly epic halloween costume.

(though after halloween, I'll probably send the chain mail back to exchange for the next size up, and send the tunic back for some modifications -- I don't think it was designed for somebody with a gymnast's shoulders)
You MUST post a chain mail pic! What kind of chain mail manufacturer doesn't accommodate big shoulders? I would write a strongly worded letter informing them you couldn't lift your jousting stick for the tournament with their product! :p Seriously though, it's awesome that you still have your gym muscles. The shoulders never really go away, but the arms! I want my bar swinging arms back!

I'm in the process of making my own alterations. Right about now I'm glad my grandma taught me some simple hand sewing. It's harder than I thought it would be, but the stitching looks good so I'm optimistic.
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Konnichiwa, matey.


Also, what's with all these people talking about going places that "require costumes?"

I don't have anywhere to go at all, and I still plan on being in costume. I'll make a point to go shopping and have lunch and dinner out.

Also I'll probably go to gym in a modified version of my costume the day before halloween.
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