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Is today's late afternoon/evening practice canceled?

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Proud Parent
May 11, 2016
Our gym closes at 2 today. No practice for team kids at all either today. My son practices from 1:30-4 and it was still canceled for today.


Proud Parent
Feb 28, 2018
Practice still on. None of my son's group are going (they are the 11-13 set). I would not be surprised if some of the older boys (14-18) who practice with a different coach go. The gym is not closed, but I don't think any of my son's friends have ever attended on Halloween any year practice was on a Halloween. I was thinking maybe one year they would do a modified practice from 4-6 or something, but as it stands, practice is 5-9, so nobody is going.


Proud Parent
May 5, 2017
Team Practice Cancelled. Rec still on. No reschedule, not possible just scratch the day and continue tomorrow.


Proud Parent
Jan 3, 2016
Gym is completely closed to everyone today. No problem here. Even if it was open, my dd would be out trick or treating and not at the gym. The coaches want to be home with their kids or just to give out candy, etc. No makeups. There are no times available to fit in all the makeups that would need to occur.


Proud Parent
Oct 10, 2013
Sydney Australia
Australia here. Training is on as usual, the girls dress up as much as is safe for gymnastics, and they often play games for the last half hour or so. “Trick for treat.”

My daughter always goes when training falls on Halloween. It’s fun.


Proud Parent
Aug 6, 2018
Our gym is closed tonight for both Team and rec. In past years it has been a modified team practice until 6 p.m. but this year they closed for the entire evening. Team will not have a make up date. Not sure about rec.


Proud Parent
Dec 18, 2017
Team ending early at 5:30. Rec is still open kids who miss can do make ups but enough kids show up to make it worth it. We won't be going at all since DD already goes late on Wednesday so its not worth the drive.


Proud Parent
Oct 25, 2010
We personally don't do Halloween. Our gym is open as usual, but its up to you if you want to come. We're loving it, because there's only 4 girls instead of 17, so lots of individualized time on events. Girls are doing gymnastics in costume, it's great. Plus, there are so many Halloween activities all week long, they really don't miss anything. Trunk or treats over 3 weekends, last night, harvest festivals this weekend....


Oct 24, 2009
The 'Wood, Ohio
We dont have any classes or practices on Wednesdays, so no change for Halloween this year, but we do usually close if it falls on a practice day and we reschedule everything (for a Wednesday).
There have been different area communities having their beggars nights since last Saturday. Some kids plan it out so they can hit at least 3-4 of them (plus a few trunk-or-treat options that began as early as October 20 and go through this Sunday).

Since I live on a dead end street, I rarely get kids at my house. We used to get our old child care kids, but most of them have grown up. Last year, I had 5 kids stop by. With the rainy weather, I didn't even get candy this year. I'm sitting in the dark, lol.


Proud Parent
Aug 31, 2016
Wed the groups are split at our gym (one group of kids gets out early from school every wed). So some kids go 2-6 and my daughter and others go 3:30-7:30. I know kids were leaving early today. My daughter planned to stay til 7:30 (she’s not in to tnt anyway). But she drives and If she gets done early she will just head home. It’s 6:45 and no word yet so I’m assuming she’s staying most of the time


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Jan 4, 2008
Australia here too. Halloween is not an Australian thing, but the popularity is certainly growing.

We held all our classes as normal.

Some classes were almost full, with 100% or near 100% attendance.

Some classes were a lot smaller, but all classes had at least 50% of the kids there.


Proud Parent
Jun 13, 2013
Gym closes for rec, and it's up to the team coaches to decide. Acro canceled and DD has practice tonight instead (they are normally not practicing on Thursdays.)


Proud Parent
Oct 8, 2018
Region 2
Our practice was effectively cancelled for the night, although "officially" it was still on. So, everyone takes the hit in terms of tuition.
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